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Managing Your Entire Building Portfolio Just Got Easier

Managing Your Entire Building Portfolio Just Got Easier Managing Your Entire Building Portfolio Just Got Easier

If you have two or more buildings within your portfolio then this program is for you! CentiMark’s Portfolio Management Program will help you maximize the value and life of your roofing assets. It will help you determine how and when to invest your roofing dollars so you don’t re-roof too early or too late. Think of it as forecasting your spend.

Here is how the program works:

  • 1.Evaluation 

    CentiMark will conduct thorough Asset Alert evaluations of your roofs by section. Along with the evaluations you will receive a safety audit and roof energy audit. Once these have been completed you will receive a full report with photos and recommendations for your roof. At the end of the report, each section will be rated based on the condition which will help drive future proposals, budgets and timing of any needed work.

  • 2.Review 

    We will sit down with you to review the roof section reports and recommended action plans. In order to maximize the life of your roof, we will review ongoing maintenance and future evaluations that will be needed as your roof ages.

  • 3.Implementation 

    The final step is the scheduling and implementation of the projects. This will include getting you set up with our customer service program and online asset management tool -

In addition to these three steps, there are additional services that can be included as part of your Portfolio Management Program. You are able to customize this program based on your unique needs. In the end, you will know your roofs, their needs and how to budget and schedule the projects to get the most out of your spend while maximizing the life of your assets.

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