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Meet the Clemens, Ruiz & Harvey Families

Clemens Family from IowaCentiMark is a family company with Ed Dunlap, Chairman & CEO and his son Tim Dunlap, President & COO, at the helm. We're celebrating Fathers for the upcoming Father's Day weekend with a weeklong blog series. 

Enjoy getting to know the Fathers/Daughters/Sons who work at CentiMark/QuestMark. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles and role models.

The Clemens Family

Father of Jaden:
Joe Clemens, Superintendent, Grimes, IA ( Office Serving Des Moines, IA)
One year at CentiMark

“It’s great working with my son Jaden because it makes me proud that he is interested in something that I have done now for 26 years. My wish is that he continues to grow with me at CentiMark and we both will have a great future here with the company.” 

Son of Joe:
Jaden Clemens, Production roofer
Three (3) months at CentiMark 

Ziggy Alexis Ruiz

The Ruiz Family

Father of Alexis:
Sigfredo (Ziggy) Ruiz, Service Foreman, Houston, TX
Ten years at CentiMark and 30 years in roofing

From Ron Boucher, Houston, TX office, TX office: “Ziggy is one of the hardest working roofers I have ever known. He is a total family man and has dedicated his entire life to his wife, family and job. I would challenge any person who works for CentiMark to try to work side-by-side with Ziggy for two weeks! I promise there are few who can do the quality and amount of repairs for service that Ziggy does each day. Ziggy is everything the Dunlap Family would be proud to call one of their own, as I have always been proud to work alongside this man.”

Son of Ziggy:
Alexis Ruiz, Service Assistant, Houston, TX
Four (4) years at CentiMark

From Ron Boucher, Houston, TX office: “Alexis is very much fast tracking at CentiMark, working with his father, Ziggy. They both work so hard and love their jobs and CentiMark.”

 Harvey Family Working at CentiMark in Greensboro, NC

The Harvey Family

Father of Brandon:
Dave Harvey, Estimator, Greensboro, NC, NC
34 years at CentiMark 

“Brandon and I do not work out of the same office, but I am happy that Brandon is working for us out of the Charlotte, NC office. He has worked for CentiMark every summer since he graduated high school and all through college.”

Son of Dave:
Brandon Harvey, Service Sales Representative, Charlotte, NC.
Brandon started full time at CentiMark in June 2018. Brandon started working for CentiMark in 2013 during the summers to help pay for college. 

“I think it's great to have CentiMark in both of our lives. I grew up around the company. And it’s great to be able to experience CentiMark with my Dad as I am starting my career here. Seeing the impact he has made over the past 34+ years has made me appreciate every morning I wake up and go to work. Someday, I hope to surpass his employment tenure and share stories of our careers along the way.”

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