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Meet the Coy, Zmich, Faircloth/Burd and Kaminski Families

Coy family that works at CentiMarkCentiMark is a family company with Ed Dunlap, Chairman & CEO and his son Tim Dunlap, President & COO, at the helm. We're celebrating Fathers for the upcoming Father's Day weekend with a weeklong blog series. 

Enjoy getting to know the Fathers/Daughters/Sons who work at CentiMark/QuestMark. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles and role models.

The Coy Family

Father of Shauna Coy:
Kevin Coy, Senior Project Manager, King of Prussia, PA
23 years at CentiMark

“Shauna is the office and sales admin for King of Prussia office. She works with my customers and assists with my sales on a daily basis. It’s great to see her involved with the process after hearing my stories all of these years. I’m extremely happy that CentiMark gave her this opportunity and she can be an integral part of this great company.”

Daughter of Kevin Coy:
Shauna Coy, Administrative Assistant, King of Prussia, PA
Six months at CentiMark

“Working with my Dad is great. I get free lunches out of it and my Dad gets someone to run him whatever he needs after hours! Plus it is nice to have an “in” at a great company.”

Zmich Family that works at CentiMarkThe Zmich Family

Father of Matthew:
Ken Zmich, Executive Vice President, Service, Chicago, IL
31 years at CentiMark

“We often discuss the projects he is working on and I enjoy those conversations.  It’s nice to watch his accomplishments.”

Son of Ken Zmich: 
Matt Zmich, Regional Project Manager,  QuestMark, West Chicago IL 
10 years at QuestMark

“It's nice working for the same company as my father.  I can always reach out to him for advice and to get some knowledge and wisdom from all of his years here at CentiMark.”

QuestMark's Faircloth/Burd FamilyFaircloth/Burd Family

Father of Jordan Burd
Dale Faircloth, Field Supervisor, QuestMark, Hebron, KY
Six Years at QuestMark

“It’s very interesting to work with a family member! Jordan has great drive. He’s observant and follows directions. He makes my job easy!”

Son of Dale Faircloth
Jordan Burd, Sales Technician, QuestMark, Hebron, KY
Two Years at QuestMark

“It’s great to work with my Dad. When I need help or advice, I always have someone to go to!”

QuestMark's Kaminski FamilyKaminski Family

Son of David Kaminski (deceased 2018):
Jason Kaminski, Senior Project Manager, Syracuse, NY
11 years at CentiMark

“My Dad (now deceased) worked for QuestMark for four years and my sister Ashley worked for CentiMark for five years. Working with family definitely had its ups and downs. But we enjoyed every minute of it when the day was done!

“My Father, David, worked for Questmark up until he got sick with cancer. He loved working for the company. He started polishing floors in Florida with QuestMark and then transferred up to Buffalo to help supervise the field and train guys. He stopped working for us in 2015 when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer when he was put on disability. But he always spoke of all the great times he had working for CentiMark/QuestMark.”

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