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Meet the Kimball, Pritt, Stuckey and Hambrick Families

Kimball FamilyCentiMark is a family company with Ed Dunlap, Chairman & CEO and his son Tim Dunlap, President & COO, at the helm. We're celebrating Fathers for the upcoming Father's Day weekend with a weeklong blog series.

Enjoy getting to know the Fathers/Daughters/Sons who work at CentiMark/QuestMark. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles and role models.

Kimball Family

Father of Danny Kimball & Jarrod Kimball
Dan Kimball, Southern Group Vice President of Sales, Charlotte, NC
11 years at CentiMark

“I am very proud that CentiMark allows not only me but my entire family an opportunity to succeed. Being able to work with my sons and watch them grow and develop has been very fulfilling.”

Son of Dan Kimball
Danny Kimball, Service Sales Rep, Charlotte, NC
Two years at CentiMark

Son of Dan Kimball
Jarrod Kimball, Charlotte, NC. He is doing marketing and data entry in the Charlotte, NC markets.
Working at CentiMark during summer break from college

CentiMark's Ron Pritt Pritt Family

Father of Andrew Pritt
Ron Pritt, National Accounts Manager, Allentown, PA
23 years at CentiMark

“My son working at CentiMark has afforded me the opportunity see him grow in his professional life.” 

Son of Ron Pritt
Andrew Pritt, National Accounts Manager, King of Prussia, PA
Ten years at CentiMark

“CentiMark/QuestMark has been great to me and my family over the years.” 

CentiMark's Hambrick FamilyHambrick Family

Father of Jazmyn Hambrick
Charlie Hambrick, Regional Manager, Phoenix, AZ
26 years at CentiMark

“I have always wanted to let people know what it's actually like when you work for your Dad who is the Boss. Everyone thinks that it’s the perfect situation. You're going to get all the favors and move right to the top without the hard work.

It's quite the opposite. You are almost forced to treat your child harder than the average new hire. There are so many expectations and every eye is on you! Eyes on the child and also you, the Boss. It's almost unfair. 

That being said, those challenges are what make you so proud as a parent when they overcome that and become a successful employee with the added pressure. I am so proud of my daughter who does an exceptional job in the Houston Branch. There is never a time I make a call to the Branch that I do not have someone go out of their way to tell me what a pleasure it is to work with my daughter. I love her and thank God every day that she is part of my life.

Thank you CentiMark for having a family-friendly workforce.”

Daughter of Charlie Hambrick
Jazmyn Hambrick, Admin., Houston, TX
Eight years at CentiMark

“Well, now that my Dad lives in Phoenix, we haven't worked in the same building for a couple years. But I do miss him very much! Happy Fathers Day, Dad! I wouldn’t trade you for anything. Of course, nobody’s offered me anything!”

QuestMark's Stuckey FamilyStuckey Family

Father of Nathan Stuckey
Jeff Stuckey, Senior Director, Decorative & Polished Systems, QuestMark, Stow, OH
21 years at CentiMark/QuestMark

“It’s always fun and cool to be on projects with my son. He is still learning and I'm still teaching! 

Son of Jeff Stuckey
Nathan Stuckey, Field Supervisor West Chicago, IL
16 months at QuestMark

“Working with my Dad is great. Because he has been with the company for so long, he knows pretty much everything. That helps in case I run into issues I can't solve. But it's also hard because there is more pressure to not let him or QuestMark down or make him or QuestMark look bad.”

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