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Meet the Szewczyk & Higareda Families

The Szewczyk Boys who work at CentiMark in S. Plainfield, NJCentiMark is a family company with Ed Dunlap, Chairman & CEO and his son Tim Dunlap, President & COO, at the helm. We're celebrating Fathers for the upcoming Father's Day weekend with a weeklong blog series.

Enjoy getting to know the Fathers/Daughters/Sons who work at CentiMark/QuestMark. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles and role models.

The Szewczyk Family

This is the story of Slawomir Szewczyk, Sr. and his two sons: Daniel and Michal - working in the S. Plainfield, NJ office. At one point, Slawomir’s father and his two brothers also worked for CentiMark. This family has had three generations of family working at CentiMark over the years.

“The best thing about working together is knowing that we can always count on each other working three different roles and combining our knowledge. Each one of us started working at CentiMark being in charge of organizing job site trash in the dumpster. We climbed up the ladder - one step at a time - to do what we do today.

“Our father, Slawomir Sr., emigrated from Poland in 1998 and got his first job in the USA at CentiMark. He is still here today. We, as his sons (Daniel & Michel), continue his legacy by advancing ourselves and helping in the growth of the company.  Thanks for the tremendous opportunity that CentiMark has given us. Thank you Ed and Tim Dunlap! Thank you CentiMark!!”   Daniel & Michel Szewczyk

Slawomir Szewczyk Sr., Foreman, S. Plainfield, NJ
20+ Years at CentiMark
Father of Michal Szewczyk and Daniel Szewczyk. (Possibly soon becoming a CentiMark associate, youngest son Slawomir Szewczyk Jr.)

Michal Szewczyk, Technical Representative, S. Plainfield, NJ
10+ Years at CentiMark

Daniel Szewczyk, Service Sales Representative, S. Plainfield, NJ
Five+ Years at CentiMark

Daniel’s Father’s Day News: I recently became a father to my first born baby girl, Olivia Szewczyk, on May 16, 2018. I am celebrating my first Father's Day!

Pictured l to r: Slawomir Szewczyk Jr. (not yet employed by CentiMark);  Slawomir Szewczyk Sr. (20 years); Michal Szewczyk (10 years); Daniel Szewczyk (5 years).

The Higareda Family

The Higareda Family who works at CentiMark in Hayward, CAFather: Miguel Higareda, Service Manager, Hayward, CA (Serving the San Franisco Bay Area) One year at CentiMark - 36 years in roofing

“I do believe I was born to be a roofer. Also, I have been a mentor for my son Martin in this industry for the last seven years - working on roof installations, project managing, sales and estimating. It's been a great pleasure to be part of this amazing organization at CentiMark. I do believe bringing future family generations into the organization brings values not only for the families but also for CentiMark as well.” 

Martin Higareda, Technical Representative, Hayward, CA
First year at CentiMark

Pictured: Martin Higareda, Miguel Higareda

Benefits of working with a roofing contractor who ...

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