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Metal Roof Safety

Metal Roof Safety Metal Roof Safety

A comprehensive safety program is vital to ensure workers stay safe, prevent falls, minimize injuries such as cuts and abrasions, and reduce fall hazards. CentiMark roofing crews follow written safety policies and procedures. After orientation for new associates, crews have weekly, monthly and quarterly safety meetings. For metal roofing jobs, safety is evaluated. Throughout the roofing project there are unannounced safety, quality and production inspections performed by CentiMark safety professionals as well as team members from CentiMark management.

Advancements in fall protection and roofing safety equipment have improved greatly. Harnesses are more comfortable; tie-off points are easier to install. An important safety factor for crews working on metal roofs is to protect their hands. To minimize protection against cuts from sharp edges or raised burrs, cut-resistant gloves are used to add comfort for the crew members handling metal materials and screws.

“Metal roofs are also an ideal platform for installing permanent safety systems, especially standing seam roofs,” according to Michael Edgell, Operations Manager, Great Lakes Metal Division. “You can install tie-off points straight to the vertical seams, with clamps that don’t affect the longevity of the roof. This is especially important on floating systems where the metal has to expand and contract.”

Additionally, freestanding guardrails, skylight screens, removal of trip hazards, moving improperly stored materials and eliminating blocked or locked exit doors are essential for a safe metal roof environment.

A safety program is really the best ‘tool’ to have working on a roof. A comprehensive safety program minimizes injuries, decreases worker compensation claims, improves crew morale, increases productivity and lessens risk for the roofing crews and customer.

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