Metal Roofs: Durable and Attractive

Metal roofs are among the most popular roof systems in use today. Metal roofs are lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and offer durability as well as providing a sustainable solution.

CentiMark’s metal roof systems can meet most building owner’s needs regarding roof traffic, spanning capabilities and the ability to handle common roof exhaust.

CentiMark offers metal roof panels in various gauges (thickness) to meet both the span requirements for the building structure and roof traffic considerations.
Various finishes are available to provide resistance to harsh environments, exhaust and pollutants.

Metal roof systems are lightweight and can often be utilized in retrofitting over existing low slope roof systems.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Metal Roofs Systems: A Sustainable “Green” Solution

Metal Wall Panel Replacement Services
In addition to installing metal roof systems, CentiMark is also experienced in metal wall panel replacement. Wall panels are often damaged from the inside causing voids in your walls. Low areas are especially vulnerable to forklift traffic. By replacing your exterior wall panels, you can accomplish the following: