National Roofing Week - Associate Appreciation National Roofing Week - Associate Appreciation

CentiMark appreciates our associates. Our 3,500 associates are the key to our business success. We have 220 associates with 20+ years of tenure.

We appreciate the historical knowledge and dedication of these associates:

While we cannot feature everyone at CentiMark, we have some dedicated associates that we would like you to meet.


First of all, our associates are all superheroes like Chuck Blair, National Accounts, Bloomington, MN.


Multiple times each year, CentiMark offices are asked to nominate their co-workers for a Going the Extra Mile award. The associates featured below have the respect and admiration of their co-workers who nominated them for the award. We thank them for their exemplary performance of job duties, strong work ethic and dedication to their jobs. So proud to have them work for CentiMark.

Going the Extra Mile - Denver, CO

(l to r front row): Marco DeLeon-Orozco, Service Foreman; Sherry Hill, Office Manager. (l to r back row): Adam Ulitzky, Service Director; R.J. Miller, Field Supervisor; Ricky Garcia, Crew.

Going the Extra Mile - King of Prussia, PA

(l to r) Congratulations to: Dave Goldberg, Service Foreman; Shauna Coy (former Admin); Todd Bateman, Field Supervisor; Titan Thomas, Field Supervisor; Brian Green, Superintendent; Robert Marshall, Field Supervisor.

Going the Extra Mile: St. Louis, MO

(l to r): Salvador Gonzales, Crew; Zoran Brkovic, Field Supervisor; Julio Garcia, Service Director; Jeffrey Lesher, Branch Safety Inspector; Froylan Barrios, Service Foreman

Going the Extra Mile - Franklin, OH

(l to r) Congratulations to: Dale Wilson, Crew; Rey Lopez, Assistant Foreman; Ryan Furry, Crew; Jenni D'Varga, Admin; John Bowersock, Crane Operator; Arby McDaniel, Assistant Foreman

Going the Extra Mile - Milwaukee, WI

(l to r) Congratulations to: Vince Callahan, Foreman; Joe Statler, Crew; Hether Reynolds, Office Manager; Rafael Arizmendi-Morales, Crew

Going the Extra Mile - Portland, OR

Julie Metz, Office Manager

Cruz Vasquez, Service Foreman

Fred Colbert, Field Supervisor; Russ Swearingen, Crew; Brandon Willis, Service Foreman.