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National Roofing Week - Associate Training

National Roofing Week - Associate Training National Roofing Week - Associate Training

Training, Training and More Training

The best way to reinforce our commitment to safety training at CentiMark is to highlight our Houston, TX; San Antonio, TX and Baton Rouge, LA offices (pictured above). Together, these crews have worked 11 years and 1.4 million manhours without a workplace injury. That’s a direct result of rigorous and consistent training. Additionally, CentiMark had 48 offices that worked without a workplace injury in 2019.

SafetyRooferPhotoAEach CentiMark office has onboarding safety training, quarterly safety meetings, on the job training and unannounced safety inspections. Our goal at CentiMark is to exceed the OSHA regulations to keep our crews safe. With a culture of tenured associates taking new associates under their wings, safety practices are modeled, practiced and reinforced.

For each job, a safety plan is completed. Once the plan is complete, the plan is communicated to the crews. They are trained on how and why fall protection must be used and reminded how not using fall protection affects them, their family and the entire company. There are also established documented consequences if the plan is not adhered to. The rules must be supported fully by all members of management and must be stringent enough to deter the person from violating them. Members of management and the safety team must frequently conduct job site inspections that will ensure the plan and the rules are being followed.

In 2020, COVID-19 mandated roofing contractors to a new level of training for health and safety. CDC (Center of Disease Control) and federal, state and local health regulations had to be observed. These job site safety measures included: mask/gators face coverings, hand washing stations, social distancing and wiping off tools that may be shared. To decrease contact with building associates, access to the roof from the outside. Also, drones were used to update and evaluate roofs and the progression of re-roofing projects to minimize the number of people on the roof.

Watch our video on safety in the COVID-19 era >>




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