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National Roofing Week - Innovative Products & Technology

CentiMark Roofer Using Technology to Help Conduct Roof InspectionTechnology in Roofing

Technology is a part of everyone’s day-to-day life and the technological innovations for the roofing industry are very exciting.

The most dramatic change for roofers has been the widespread use of smart devices to collect large quantities of information with ease, low cost and speed.  CentiMark collects, stores and analyzes the precise location, coordinates and images of every roof repair and every roof installation. Each roof leak repair is documented and mapped with GPS coordinates. 

Innovative technology helps our customers save money by making informed decisions about their facility in a timely manner. Technology enables roofing crews to record before/after photos, prepare invoices, record videos of roof problems and send solutions for problems on the roof. All work on the roof is documented and sent to customer’s mobile devices or computers. Tablets are used by Service Managers in the field to adjust schedules and update ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of a Service crew for customers.

Moving into the Future

The use of drones (unmanned aircraft) can improve productivity and worker safety. Drones can examine and photograph remote or unsafe roof surfaces. This will significantly improve the safety of roofing crews. Aerial photos from drones provide a great overview of the roof and can help operations better understand the scope of a roofing project.

Infrared cameras - thermal scans - provide a more thorough and professional assessment of “hot spots” on the roof. For CentiMark,  the scans provides a better road map for our core samples and wet roof investigations. For our customers, a video of these hot spots can help them understand the extent of potential damage and the urgency for repairs caused by moisture problems on the roof.

Wearable computers, like Google glasses or Google watches, will allow hands free access to roofing information.  Google glasses and/or watches can capture images and record details about work as the work is being performed.

In the future, robots will measure roofs, remove roofing materials and install new roofs. This technology is being researched and refined for roofing and the possibilities are very exciting.
Technology costs as a percentage of revenue for roofing contractors will continue to increase as the use of technology expands.  There are technology-based solutions to improve every roofing business process: from lead-generation to proposals to project tracking to invoicing.  The challenge for every roofing contractor is to ensure they are getting a return on investment through productivity or other cost reductions.

Benefits of working with a roofing contractor who ...

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