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vortexVortex Breaker Strainers for Roof Drains - Getting Water Off Your Roof

Statewide average of annual rainfall and snowfall range from a high of 63.7 inches in Hawaii to a low of 9.5 inches in Nevada. For the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii), the average amount of moisture falling from rain and snow is 30.21 inches per year.

What does that mean to building owners? It means that water on your roof needs to be removed quickly to prevent damage to roof by adding weight and potentially over-taxing the building’s weighload.

Working with OMG, CentiMark uses a Vortex Breaker drain dome to help facilitate water drainage on the roof. The water flow using this drain increases water flow 2-½ times that of a standard drain cover. This significantly decreases the weight on the roof during heavy rains and/or snowmelt and causes less stress on the plumbing system.

The technology is designed as a retrofit upgrade option for installed drains and features three fins built into the strainer designed to break the vortex and help water flow straight down for better rooftop performance. What happens is this: as water proceeds down the drain, a vortex will form by traveling around the inside of the pipe rather than straight down the pipe. This vortex slows the flow rate, allowing water to “back up” or pond on the roof. If the flow rate is too low, more water remains on the roof, adding five pounds per square foot per inch of weight to the roof and potentially over taxing the building’s structural live load capacity.

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