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Navigating COVID-19 and how this affects your roofing projects.

Navigating COVID-19 and how this affects your roofing projects. Navigating COVID-19 and how this affects your roofing projects.

Our world has changed a lot over the past few weeks, and we are not immune from feeling the effects. We understand the impact this pandemic is having on our customers and want to do everything we can to ensure that you are still able to get your critical roofing projects completed. From getting your roof replacement to helping you prioritize your service projects, here’s what we are doing to help you keep these decisions as easy as possible.

Fostering Relationships

Our customers are what keeps our business going! Our partnerships and relationships with our customers are key. Just as we’re here for you, we know that you’re here for us. Staying diligent in our safety practices and continuing to provide you with unparalleled service and workmanship is our priority. We know that your roofing budget and project prioritization may have recently changed. We will work with you on the best ways to keep your building watertight. Every day we are working on innovating and adapting so that we can continue to be there for all of your roofing needs through thick and thin.

Staying Outside of Your Building

We are dedicated to keeping you safe by keeping crews outside of your building. When possible, we are using exterior ladders and scaffolding. Additionally, porta-potties and self-contained washing stations are on all jobsites. When crews work on your roof, we are rigorously cleaning tools and equipment and practicing strict safety protocols. We are only letting essential associates work when needed and all our associates are strictly adhering to the recommendations as stated by the CDC.

Offering Flexibility to Our Customers

We understand the financial concerns you may have, and will work within your budget parameters to get the job done. We are offering payment term options so you can get your roof work completed now before heavy storms or hurricanes hit. Getting your roof work completed sooner than later can be a cost savings to you in the long run and help avoid unnecessary leaks or damage. Talk with your CentiMark representative to review your options.

Keeping you Safe

We are in full compliance with all CDC regulations as well as federal and state rules and recommendations. We are wearing face masks, gloves and practicing regular hand washing. This also includes cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects, practicing social distancing and avoiding unnecessary contact with others. Scheduling group and individual phone calls and video conferences to review and discuss business strategy, pending projects and proper protocols is imperative to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

At the end of the day, we want your roof and your facility to be watertight and ready for whatever comes your way. Let’s partner together and we’ll get the job done.

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