Donations made to North Hills Community OutreachEvery month, North Hills Community Outreach (NHCO) receives thank you notes like this one from Tara, a widowed Mom who is working and raising four children:
“You can’t even imagine the panic I felt in the months after my husband died. On top of my own grief and helping my kids work through their grief in their own ways, I began to seriously stress about how I would pay the bills and feed the kids. Not just big bills like the house, but small things like car inspection and school clothes. The programs NHCO has are lifesavers. God bless the donors and volunteers who care about my family and other people who have hit hard times. I met with someone to work out a budget and someone else helped me with a resume. I was able to get full-time work. I even got help with my gas bill when it was sky high. My kids had backpacks for school, some new clothes and shoes for school and even some Christmas gifts. Thank you so much. Thank everyone for me.”

Toys Donated to NHCOSo Ed Dunlap and CentiMark, from Tara and thousands of other families, thank you.
We can only help moms like Tara and other people in need in northern Allegheny Community because of the generosity of people in the community who care.
And Ed Dunlap truly cares. CentiMark cares. Not only has CentiMark donated funds to support NHCO’s many self-sufficiency programs such as employment, transportation assistance and much more, but each year since 2010 has donated significantly to our Sharing Projects.

CentiMark has:

And, of course, NHCO is not the only recipient of this amazing generosity. We are truly humbled by and grateful for Mr. Dunlap’s and CentiMark’s friendship and kindness to those less fortunate.

Congratulations on celebrating 50 years in business! May your company, employees and family be blessed and enjoy another 50 years in the community. Thank you.