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Plant Shutdowns

Schedule Plant Shutdown for Commercial Flooring Maintenance

Plant shutdowns are good for business! While there is no convenient time to shut down a plant for maintenance work, plant shutdowns are a necessity for manufacturing facilities to maintain plants and equipment. This work typically cannot be performed during normal business operations. Weekends and the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays tend to be popular times to schedule the work.

Plant shutdowns are usually short and intense for all parties involved in the work. While there is also a loss of revenue and production during the plant shutdowns, the return on investment (ROI) is continuous, uninterrupted production going forward.

The results of plant shutdowns include: improved safety, aesthetic improvements, less equipment failures, increased facility compliance with governing agencies (OSHA and USDA) and overall improved production.

Why work with QuestMark, A Division of CentiMark Corporation on your floors? Because we have the experience, crews and management teams to get the work done. We coordinate the logistics, procurement and scheduling. Give us a list of your flooring needs and goals for the shutdown - we’ll prepare a schedule, order materials and mobilize crews to work 24/7 if necessary to complete the projects.

Does your plant need any of these flooring enhancements, repairs or services to function at top efficiency?

  1. Assess safety concerns and provide solutions such as safety stripes and logos.
  2. Address concrete floor problems including: holes, cracks, joint problems, uneven sections, exposed concrete, delaminated coatings, lippage or failed overlayments.
  3. Evaluate the performance of your existing DiamondQuest® floor with dust/gloss readings, evaluation of cleaning products and equipment and repairs.
  4. Improve aesthetic issues like stains, dusting and dullness.
  5. Save money on equipment by filling in the joints so that hard wheel traffic (forklifts) run smoother and minimize damage. This also reduces product spillage which saves money on broken and/or replacement products.
  6. Make floor surface improvements to even floor surfaces and minimize jarring and back injuries when driving equipment in a warehouse or plant. This helps reduce injuries and minimizes employee time off.
  7. Visit our Catalog for all your D.I.Y projects. We offer floor patch, coatings, floor maintenance products, along with the tools and accessories needed to get the job done.

What are your flooring needs for a plant shutdown?





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