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Plant Shutdowns

Plant Shutdowns Plant Shutdowns

Do you have a scheduled plant shutdown coming up over the holidays? This can be a great time to address your flooring needs! A plant shutdown is the ideal time to improve the safety and aesthetics of your floors. Here’s how QuestMark can help you make the most out of your upcoming plant shutdown.

Schedule an Inspection

We’ll inspect your floors and work with you to determine your flooring needs and goals for your plant shutdown. The inspection will examine your surfaces, determine the current condition and outline any needed repairs, safety concerns or if any maintenance procedures need to be changed. Afterwards, you will receive a written report with photos, which will outline the condition of all areas and identify any recommended repairs or resurfacing. The report will also include budget numbers and timing so you can properly plan and budget for the needed projects.

Repairs and Cleaning

Getting your floor work completed during a plant shutdown means minimizing any disruption to your normal business operations and maximizing the maintenance completed in your plant during the downtime. This is the perfect time to address floor problems including holes, cracks, joint problems or delaminated coatings. We can address these issues with floor resurfacing, patching or filling joints.

Additionally, you can utilize your plant shutdown to address any stains or cleaning needs. Getting rid of residues by performing a deep clean can also help rejuvenate your floors, giving them a fresh look.

If you have an in-house maintenance crew, now is a good time to check on the stock of your floor cleaning products. is running 15% off all DIY products when you purchase $1,500 or more.

Take a Look at our Online Shop

From cleaning products and patches to floor coatings and maintenance items, we offer a full line of DIY products on our online shop. Your plant shutdown is the perfect opportunity to use DIY products to help make smaller repairs to your floors. View all of our products here. Not sure which products are right for your floors? We can complete a product demo during your plant shutdown as well as train your in-house maintenance staff on the proper procedures and techniques when using our flooring products. Again, receive 15% off when you spend $1,500 or more the entire month of September.

We bring our experienced crews and management teams to complete your flooring needs and goals during the shutdown. We’ll prepare a schedule, order materials and mobilize crews to work 24/7 if necessary. Ready to leverage your holiday downtime? Talk to a QuestMark representative today and let’s get your floors taken care of.

To talk to a QuestMark associate about how we can help you achieve your needs and goals during your upcoming plant shutdown, fill out the form on the right.

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