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Post-Winter Inspections

Post-Winter Inspections Post-Winter Inspections

Whether your building has experienced snow, ice, rain, freezing temperatures or all of the above this winter, we always recommend that you do a full assessment of your building to check on the condition of your roof and floors.

Winter weather can wreak havoc on both your roof and floors. Your roof can be subject to heavy winds and thermal shock that can lead to cracking or other damages to your roof membrane. An accumulation of snow on your roof can lead to ponding and other water drainage issues.

High-traffic areas on your floors can become damaged from salt, sand and slush tracked in from the outside. This can lead to tarnishing, floor abrasions and other issues that can cause damage to your floors or exacerbate existing problems.

Now that we are beginning the transition out of winter, assessing your roof and floors for any needed repairs is a good idea.

An inspection of your roof and floors will include photos, written documentation and recommendations for repair, replacement or useful maintenance products. Not only will an inspection help you to better understand the condition of your building but it can also help you to identify additional services that may be beneficial to your roof and floors.

Get ahead of peak season and avoid the potential scheduling conflicts by having your roof and floors inspected now. By the time summer arrives, your building will be in great shape to handle anything!

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