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Post-Winter Roof Checkup: How’s Your Roof Holding Up?

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Wow, what a winter we had in North America! Millions coast to coast were impacted by storms, excessive snowfall, high winds and floods. What does that mean for your roof, your building's first line of defense against the elements? There may be damage you need to address before it escalates into more significant issues. With a busy roofing season ahead of us and summer storms just a few months away, repairing and servicing your roof system after winter is paramount. Here are a few quick things to look for:

  • Is your roof properly draining? Ponding water on your commercial roof is a red flag. Your drains, gutters and downspouts may be clogged or damaged which can lead to roof leaks and potential damage to your insulation or decking. 
  • Do you notice leaks or dark spots on your ceiling? Repair roof leaks immediately to prevent damage from growing and expanding. While the infiltration point may be small, it will eventually expand and could be an environment for mold, fungi, algae and bacteria growth. Also, it is important to know if your insulation is wet and needs to be replaced to maintain the energy efficiency of your building.
  • Are flashings and seams intact? HVAC units, vents and other rooftop projections must maintain watertight flashings for your roof to prevent water from penetrating your building. It is essential to catch any failed flashings early and repair them before a roof leak occurs. Facilities like cold storage and freezers must take it even further and ensure their roofs are vapor-tight; otherwise, you may start having ice build-up issues.

While self-evaluation of your roof is a quick way to determine post-winter problems, a comprehensive roof evaluation completed by an experienced, specialized commercial roofing professional is the best way to assess your roof's current state. Unfortunately, not all roof damage is immediately visible to an untrained eye. In addition, commercial roofing technicians have multiple industry-specific tools at their disposal to quickly determine hidden issues. For example, drones with thermal-imaging capabilities can locate wet insulation with just a few pictures of your facility. That means days (or weeks!) of inspection work saved. 

To stay ahead of roof leaks, schedule your comprehensive roof evaluation with us twice a year (spring and fall) and after significant weather events. We will inspect all components of your roof assembly, document all water-entry points and provide a detailed report with photographs and suggested repairs. We also offer customized roof maintenance plans to maximize your commercial roof's service life. Why customized? Because there's no one-program-fits-all in commercial roofing. With over 55 years of commercial-only work all over North America, we understand the specifics of every industry and local climate. Let's schedule your comprehensive roof evaluation and get you ready for spring and summer!

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