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Roof and Floor Safety

Roof and Floor Safety procedures

The question YOU should be asking: How safe is my roof and floor?

Roof Safety

Keeping your roof as safe as possible is imperative. When dealing with heights, ensuring that your roof is in good condition in addition to the proper safety measures and safety equipment is critical.

First, we always recommend scheduling an inspection of your roof. This will help you understand the condition of your roof so you can develop a condition-based strategy to address your needs. An inspection will provide you with a written report, photos and suggested repair or replacement recommendations.

It is also a good idea to consider safety accessories to help keep your roof safe for your employees and contractors. Some of these include roof hatches, safety rails, walkpads and skylight screens. At CentiMark, we’ll work with you to ensure compliance and to protect you, your assets and employees.

Floor Safety

Same-level slips, trips and falls have cost employers billions of dollars in worker’s compensation costs. Areas of spalling, cracks, holes or damaged joints on your floors can be hazardous to your customers and employees if not properly repaired or patched.

It’s important to identify these hazards to determine any needed repairs. A thorough safety inspection will help identify potential safety hazards such as spalled or cracked floors and damaged joints from heavy equipment or wear and tear. The inspection includes photos and written documentation for recommended repairs along with useful products for your in-house maintenance staff, such as do-it-yourself patch and repair products. 

Getting these areas repaired will provide a safer environment for employees and customers.

From the top of your building to the bottom, our number one priority is your safety. Be proactive; schedule a safety inspection today.

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