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Roof Safety - Let’s Keep Your Associates Out of Harm’s Way.

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Falls from heights are one of the biggest concerns for every construction site. For the past eight years, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) has been raising fall hazard awareness in the construction industry through the National Safety Stand-Down -- a fall prevention initiative that includes events and resources for both employers and employees. 

CentiMark's roofing safety experts generated several articles to help provide education related to fall hazards and fall protection. Let's go over a few things we all can do to minimize the risks.

1. Recognize the hazards: Multiple dangers can exist on a construction site. The most common roofing fall hazards are unprotected edges, rotten decking, open holes, skylights and falls from a ladder. We have to stay vigilant and note all potential risks our teams may face during a job. Always conduct a thorough evaluation of the roof work site.

2. Have a plan: Once all the potential hazards are identified, establish a plan to minimize or eliminate those determined hazards. Once the safety plan is created, it needs to be clearly communicated to the crew. At the same time, establish and document the consequences for associates who violate the plan.

3. Apply proper measures to minimize the risks: Install safety measures like temporary guardrails and warning lines. Always secure skylights - an often overlooked hazard that results in many falls every year. Inspect all ladders before use and ensure proper safety protocols are met. Train all associates on safety procedures and enforce PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) use. 

4. Monitor: Be on the lookout for new potential hazards and ensure the whole team follows safety protocols. Remember, falls are preventable. However, it requires everyone on the job site to do their part.

The roofing season is here! And despite the material shortage challenges stalling the industry, crews are busy. Let's do our best to keep our associates safe and ensure everyone gets home every night.

For more information, please read the following CentiMark’s safety articles:

  1. “Roof Falls” by Chad Mumaw, Southern Group Safety Manager, CentiMark
  2. “Ladder Safety” by CentiMark
  3. “Safety Plans” by Ryan Gibson, Western/ Southern Safety Director, CentiMark
  4. “OSHA Hierarchy of Control” by CentiMark
  5. “Warning Lines and Skylights by Leigh Hunsberger, Eastern Safety Manager, and Robert Wilson, Northern Group Safety Manager, CentiMark
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