Franklin OH RoofingIn roofing, business is booming!

Roofing is a profession that is always in demand, because every building has a roof!

Roofing is not affected as dramatically by economic changes as some other areas of the construction industry because there is a steady demand for repair work. Most roofs require regular inspections, repair or maintenance. The average building requires a roof replacement every 15 to 30 years. Also, since CentiMark Corporation has a nationwide presence, we normally have work backlogs somewhere which can help to keep the workforce busy all year round.

Roofing is a valuable trade!

A good roofer is also a craftsman. Becoming a craftsman drives you to acquire and refine a special set of skills. It also provides you with a feeling of accomplishment and pride knowing that you can say “I built that!”

Since the best learning happens on the job, as a new roofer you will work alongside experienced tradespeople and learn how to properly use the tools, equipment and materials necessary to successfully complete a roofing project.

Some common tasks of a roofer:

The rooftop is our workplace, so safety is #1

CentiMark focuses on creating a safe environment to protect our employees. We require safe behavior practices, provide regular safety training via safety meetings and implement strict safety policies and procedures.

The Roofing Industry is part of the ever-changing world!

The roofing industry​ ​is an exciting field and has been influenced by many technological developments and advancements over the last decade.

CentiMark has been a big advocate of innovative technologies and realize that it is important to utilize technology effectively on the rooftop and beyond. In addition to utilizing technology for our everyday communications and marketing endeavors, we have also instituted the use of aerial imaging systems, energy saving roofing systems as well as many different apps to help our customer’s manage their roofing portfolios and budgets.

Our people matter

CentiMark values our associates and we offer a wide variety of career opportunities to those dedicated, hardworking employees who have the desire and ambition to achieve. We regard our employees as our most valuable resource. We offer continuous on-the-job training with new and innovative programs that makes CentiMark an industry leader.

CentiMark offers a competitive benefit package to all full-time employees and eligible dependent(s) with a remarkably low employee contribution, upon completion of certain eligibility periods.

Employees are offered the following Benefits:

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