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Safe Roof Series (Part 3): Roof edge railing types, applications and installation

Roof Edge Railing System2Roof edge railing types, applications and installation

In our previous article: Safe Roof Series (Part 2): Skylight Fall Protection, we discussed Skylight Fall Protection. This week we move from the center roof to the roof edge.

To be compliant with OSHA Standards:29 CFR 1910.23; 29 CFR 1926.501, 502, roof edges must be guarded to prevent falls. With the experts at Safety Rail Source and their complete line of roof edge railings and fall protection products, CentiMark helps make your roof safe during roofing work and can help provide you with a permanent fall prevention solution.

Roof Fall Protection Options
According to OSHA, falls from roofs happen often and can be deadly. There are several methods and product types to prevent rooftop falls: (a) workers can tie-off to roofing anchors attached to the building structure, (b) one can install roof perimeter railings or (c) one can use a mobile fall protection device such as a tie-off.

Roofing Anchors
Permanent roofing anchor tie-off points work if designed by the manufacturer and used properly. If you have proper manufactured anchor supports installed on your roof it will make having workers tie-off simple rather than having them try to find a anchor support that will meet safety requirements. The proper safety harness is required along with training for its use. Harness inspection and recertification in use is required to meet the standards for this type of fall protection. CentiMarks’ employees are trained to inspect their harnesses and lanyards before each use. We use the proper harnesses and lanyards for the job.

Perimeter Railings
Perimeter railings may cost more, however these systems offer the most reliable protection. There are free-standing railing systems, systems that attach to the roof edge, systems that attach to parapets, and permanently attached railings. Once properly installed, these systems afford the workers and employees unrestricted movement on the roof surface. With perimeter railing systems, tasks can be completed safely and more efficiently. Railings are galvanized for long life and can be powder coated safety yellow or a color to match your building.

Mobile Fall Protection Devices
Mobile fall protection devices are tie-off points that can be moved to the work area on the roof. There are weighted tie-off systems without wheels and weighted tie-off systems with wheels. The weighted systems without wheels must be disassembled to be relocated. The wheeled systems can be rolled to the new work area. Some wheeled systems rely on their weight to prevent worker falls and other systems rely on the physics of a roof engaging mechanism to meet the fall prevention loa standard. As with other tie-off systems, proper harnesses and use training are required.

CentiMark takes great pride in the fact that our safety program is unmatched in the roofing industry. We are committed to maintaining the same degree of success and reputation in safety as we have in the quality of roofing services that we provide.

Click here to learn more about CentiMark’s Safety Program:

Please watch for our continuing Safe Roof Series to learn more about OSHA requirements, rooftop fall protection products and the best product options to keep your roof safe.


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