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Safety at CentiMark - Training, Training, Training.

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As part of National Roofing Week June 6-12, 2021, we want to feature our safety training programs. Our CentiMark Safety Program is designed to provide a safe workplace with on-going safety training, equipment and knowledgeable safety personnel.

“At CentiMark, it’s Safety First - all day, every day. We want each of our roofers to come to work each morning and go home safely each evening,” says Timothy M. Dunlap, CentiMark President & CEO. “For 2020, we had 47 offices who worked injury free. We’re most proud of our four roofing offices who worked 12 consecutive years without a workplace injury: Houston, TX; Salt Lake City, UT; Des Moines, IA and San Antonio, TX. The success of our offices without a workplace injury is a direct result of rigorous and consistent training.”

Each CentiMark office has onboarding safety training, quarterly safety meetings, on the job training and unannounced safety inspections. Our goal at CentiMark is to exceed the OSHA regulations to keep our crews safe. With a culture of tenured associates taking new associates under their wings, safety practices are modeled, practiced and reinforced.

For each job, a safety plan is completed. Once the plan is complete, the plan is communicated to the crews. They are trained on how and why fall protection must be used and reminded how not using fall protection affects them, their family and the entire company. There are also established documented consequences if the plan is not adhered to. The rules must be supported fully by all members of management and must be stringent enough to deter the person from violating them. Members of management and the safety team must frequently conduct job site inspections that will ensure the plan and the rules are being followed.

Safety Fact: Our Incidence Rate is 1.62 compared to the National average of 4.8. Our EMR (Experience Modification Rate) is 0.37 as of May 1, 2021, as determined by our insurance company to gauge both past cost of claims and future chance of risk.

Safety Fact: We have training for new associates, weekly, monthly, quarterly, foreman certification, OSHA online training and First Aid & CPR. We have two hour ladder safety training as we have 3,000 people up and down ladders at a minimum of four times per day.

Safety Fact: We have seven Safety Managers; 21 Safety Specialists; and 33 Branch Safety Specialists. In 2020, we averaged 50-60 safety inspections on roofs every day and 42,000 safety audits.

Safety Fact: Guardrails that adjust to the size of the parapet walls on the roof are installed on the roof. Once installed, guardrails allow the worker to safely access most areas of the roof.


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