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Schedule Your Re-Roofing Project Now - Winter is Right Around the Corner

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Winter is right around the corner. Yes, we prefer not to think about it or to say it aloud in the middle of summer. But, if you have a roofing project that needs to be completed by winter, it’s time to get that project on the schedule. 

Before the actual work on a roof can begin, there are several steps which must first be taken. This includes the approval of contract documents, roofing materials ordered, permits obtained, a safety plan developed, a pre-job meeting conducted to coordinate logistics, safety equipment put into place and roofing materials uploaded. In addition to these steps, contractor backlogs need to be accounted for as well. Strong contractors typically have between a four to six week backlog on average.

With regard to the duration of the actual roofing work you should consider that the average roofing crew of six men can complete between $75,000 - $100,000 of roofing work in a week. Other factors to consider include that days get shorter as we enter the fall; thereby reducing the number of production hours a crew can work. Summer rains and thunderstorms can also delay roofing work.

“Winter weather sets in earlier in New England compared to the rest of the country,” states Mark Cooper, Executive Vice President & Eastern Group Director. “Customers start scheduling jobs in early September to get their roof completed before the first snowfall. To help with the influx of work, CentiMark crews are sent in from all available offices to reduce the backlog. One thing we cannot control is the weather. Occasionally,  weather has caused some jobs to be shut down until spring - so get on the schedule early!”

It is essential that you take care of your roof before winter weather begins - that goes for re-roofing or roof repairs and maintenance.  The roof work requires planning on your end as well as on the contractor's schedule. Start now. Make the correct decisions to protect your building for winter, starting with your roofing asset.

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