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Sherman Gaskins Retires as Southern Group Director at CentiMark

Sherman Gaskins Retires as Southern Group Director at CentiMark

Sherman Gaskins, former Executive Vice President & Southern Group Director, retired effective September 21, 2014 after 21 years at CentiMark. We wish Sherman, his wife Amy and their family all the best in retirement. We thank Sherman for his leadership and work ethic during his two decades at CentiMark.

From Sherman Gaskins, Retired, Southern Group Director
"I have told a number of people in the past few days that there is not one thing that I would have changed about coming to CentiMark and devoting time and effort at CentiMark.

CentiMark gave me an opportunity to contribute to people lives. I always tried to do the best thing for the Southern Group. CentiMark's strongest asset is its people.

To all, it has been a pleasure."

From Tim Dunlap, President & CEO
Sherman has been a part of our management team at CentiMark for 21 years. He was a strong leader with an even stronger work ethic. He challenged his offices in the Southern Group to succeed by selling roofs, installing the roofs profitably and maintaining above-excellent customer service with the customers throughout the life cycle of the roof. Sherman is a personal friend so I will miss working with him. I wish Sherman and his wife Amy all the best in their retirement.

From John Godwin, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing
“Sherman was a great CentiMark associate. He brought forward unique ways to sell and his operations team consistently did excellent work. His work ethic was outstanding. Sherman is a good person to talk through sales strategy with as he always looked at situations from different perspectives. I am both happy and proud for both Sherman and his wife Amy as they enter into retirement and start spending more time on the lake and with their grandchildren.”

From Bob Rudzik, Executive Vice President, Northern Group
“Congratulations on your retirement...time for relaxing on the boat.”

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