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Spring Storm Season: Roof Health Check

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Spring is officially here and the changing temperatures will bring new weather patterns to most areas of North America. With spring storms ahead and a possible early start of the Atlantic hurricane season1, let's get your roofs prepared for anything and everything Mother Nature has in store.

Your facility's roof is your first line of defense against extreme weather conditions. Whether your location is experiencing rainstorms, hail, high winds or other challenges this spring, ensure your roof is ready for the unexpected. Keep in mind the roofing industry is still facing massive backlogs and material shortages, so booking needed repairs as soon as possible is essential.

How do you know whether you need repairs? Start by scheduling a comprehensive roof evaluation with a reliable commercial roofing contractor. A detailed roof condition report with pictures and recommendations for needed repairs, maintenance or replacement will allow you to budget and schedule the needed projects. It can also help you navigate insurance claims in case of weather emergencies.

What if an emergency strikes? Call our 24/7 roof emergency line at 855-986-9175 and we will be there to assist you with temporary or permanent repairs and/or complete replacement. We are here to help you get your building watertight as soon as it is safe for our crews to travel to your location.

Spring weather may get very unpredictable. However, staying proactive and knowing your roof condition before the storms hit is an excellent way to get ahead of the game. Contact us today for a comprehensive roof evaluation and be prepared for the ups and downs of the season.



1. AccuWeather (2022, March 02) NHC probing whether to change start date of Atlantic hurricane season


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