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Spring Towards Your Facility's Exterior Needs



Springtime for property managers and owners creates a sense of urgency around roof inspections and maintenance work after difficult winter weather across the country. Following the snow, sleet, ice, winds and temperature fluctuations (freeze/thaw), comes the rain, sleet, hail and wind of spring weather. These weather related issues can not only lead to roof leaks, but to other problems that may compromise or cause failure to your roof system. Additionally, your roof needs to be inspected and maintained to meet the requirements of a roof warranty.

You can schedule a roof inspection to assess conditions and complete any roof repairs or address safety needs. A roof preventative maintenance program can also help restore your roof to optimal performance. You may save money in the long run and extend the life of your roof by taking care of roof repairs before they result in premature roof failure.

Here’s an interesting statistic: For every $1 invested in a preventative maintenance program for your roof, it is estimated that you can save $5 in re-roofing costs and extend the life of your roof. The service life for a roof without a Preventative Maintenance Program is estimated to be 12 years, drastically reduced from its intended service life of 20 years.

Traffic Solutions

It isn’t just your roof you should be thinking about. Your traffic solutions such as parking decks, sidewalks, and exterior concrete surfaces generally provide the first impression of your business for customers, vendors and employees. If there are cracks, bumps, holes and other safety hazards, repairs need to be made as soon as the winter weather breaks.

By scheduling regular Traffic Solution inspections and repairs, you can provide a safer environment at your facility, save money and minimize disruption to your business. The repair of cracks and deterioration using various products can protect the concrete against water, chemicals and pollution.

Act now and get your roof or traffic solution inspection and repairs scheduled.

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