Stay Safe Stay Safe

Let’s talk safety! When working at heights, safety is extremely important for all involved.

A safety-focused project means not only keeping the crew safe, but also keeping you and your employees safe as well. From training, products, inspection teams and OSHA compliance, take a look at what it takes to stay safe.

Start with Training

Safety training should begin long before a project is even in the works. This starts with mandatory training programs for all roofing crews and should include written safety information, video training and monthly safety meetings, along with daily toolbox talks before the crews begin. It’s important that all of these programs include information on OSHA, first aid and CPR, proper procedures and proper use of all equipment.

Use the Right Products

Ensuring that top-quality safety equipment is used in every project is key. Safety accessories such as safety rails, skylight guards and positioning systems should always be included in every roofing project. Personal protection equipment for individual crew members is also important. This includes fall protection gear, harnesses, hard hats, safety goggles and gloves. These measures go a long way in adding to the safety of the crews as well as your business.

Inspections are Important

A staff of full-time safety specialists can help conduct a variety of inspections to ensure compliance with customers’ safety compliance requirements and OSHA, as well as Federal and State rules and regulations. Different types of inspections should include pre-job inspections, spot-check inspections and daily inspections. These inspections can be announced or unannounced to help ensure that safe work practices are utilized at all times.

At CentiMark, we take safety very seriously. To learn more about our safety standards and how we protect you and our employees, take a look at our Safety Resume.