At CentiMark we’re always looking for new ways to enhance the commercial roofing experience for our customers. In our new Snow Monitoring Program, we’re combining state-of-the-art snow monitoring equipment with our trusted snow-removal services to provide you with a stress-free roofing experience once the snow falls.

We’ve partnered with a top manufacturer of snow monitoring equipment that will be able to provide you with a monitoring program that will determine when and where snow removal is necessary on your roof, before the weight load becomes a concern.

This program is simple to implement and works seamlessly between the customer and CentiMark. In just a few easy steps, a customer can have snow monitors installed on their roof ready to begin monitoring almost immediately.

First, CentiMark will work with you to determine how many snow monitors are needed on your roof based on the size, elevation changes and history. The customer will also need to provide the structural requirements of their roof, typically through a third party structural engineer, on the maximum weight loads for the roof areas.

Then, our CentiMark crews will be able to install the non-penetrating, solar powered monitors on your roof. These monitors can then be connected to either the customer’s Wi-Fi or cellular network. Once they have been installed, parameters will be set for weight loads into an online application and protocols will be set to alert both you, as well as, the CentiMark Customer Service Department for immediate action. This alert comes to users via their mobile device or a web application, allowing for a quick and efficient response time by both parties.

How exactly do these monitors work? Wireless measurement stations are placed across the roof, then built-in GPS technology stations geo-locate themselves with a specific alert threshold based upon your roof’s structural capacity creating an accurate and dependable monitor.

Consider implementing a Snow Monitoring Program for your roof and see the difference for yourself! Discuss your needs with a CentiMark representative today.

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