Nathan Kitts72resIn tribute to our QuestMark associates who are veterans, we take great pride in featuring them and we thank them for their service to our country.

Nathan Kitts
QuestMark in Stow, OH
Technical Rep - two months

Branch of Military: US Coast Guard 2009-2015; Ohio Army National Guard (present)

Rank: Coast Guard - Petty Officer 2nd Class; E-5 Intelligence Specialist/IS2; Army - SGT, E-5/Commissioned Officer Candidate (will Commission in Summer 2018)

Where were you stationed? For the Coast Guard - Coast Guard Station Emerald Isle, NC; Ninth District Coast Guard Intelligence Branch; For the Army National Guard - 1484th Transportation Company, North Canton, OH - Transportation Officer/Platoon Leader (currently in training)

What made you join the military? I originally joined the Coast Guard to live by the beach! Shortly in, however, my service fostered with me a commitment to serving our nation and protecting our way of life which has carried on to this day.

What are your life lessons from the military? The military taught me the essence of hard work and perseverance. The military also helped me hone in on skills such as attention to detail, time management and leading others.

What military organizations do you belong to? I am a member of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States.

What brought you to QuestiMark? After graduating from college, I applied to QuestMark because of the company’s long history of providing quality products and craftsmanship - something I can stand behind and be proud of.

How can we - as individuals - best help veterans? It’s always bothered me to see homeless veterans in our country. I recommend donating or volunteering with organizations that assist and help rehabilitate the many homeless veterans in our country. These men and women often suffer from mental illnesses that are the result of combat situation. We owe them so much as a society and should do what we can to keep them off the streets and provide better mental healthcare.

From everyone at CentiMark and QuestMark, thank you Nathan Kitts for continuing to serve our country.