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Thank You QuestMark Veteran Nathaniel Stuckey

USS Pear Harbor USS Makin Island 3In tribute to our QuestMark associates who are veterans, we take great pride in featuring them and we thank them for their service to our country.

Nathaniel Stuckey
QuestMark in West Chicago, IL
One year at QuestMark
My father, Jeffery Stuckey, is also a Navy veteran and works for QuestMark in Stow, OH.

Branch of Military: USN - Information System Technician (Five years)


Where were you stationed?
I was mainly stationed in San Diego, CA on the USS Makin Island LHD-8 where I did a tour with the 5th Fleet supporting the war against ISIS (Operation Inherent Resolve) and I am currently stationed in Madison, WI

What made you join the military?
I guess at this point in my life, I have followed pretty close in my Dad’s footsteps. If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Education was also a big factor in my decision to join the military.

What are your life lessons from the military?
Train someone what you know. Anything that you think you can do the best still does not compare to being able to properly work as a team.

What skills did you bring from the military to your QuestMark job?
Attention to detail, easily trained and more respect for positions above me.

What brought you to QuestiMark?
I had just left Active Duty with the Navy and I grew up listening, watching and seeing my Dad do these amazing projects at CentiMark and QuestMark. So, when I got out of the Navy, I decided to give QuestMark a try to see how I liked it. So far, I love my job.

How can we - as individuals - best help veterans?
Most people do not realize how hard it can be for a military member to transition into a civilian lifestyle. Most military members have a mindset that doesn’t always blend well with civilian jobs. Luckily, QuestMark made my transition a very easy one to deal with.

From everyone at CentiMark and QuestMark, thank you Nathaniel Stuckey for serving our country.


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