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Jay SmartzName:
Jay Smartz, Senior Project Manager

CentiMark Office: Denver, CO

Years with CentiMark: Ten years

Military Service: I served for six years in the United States Army as a Captain in Ft. Eustis, VA and Ft. Gordon, GA

What made you join the military?
My father is a retired Marine Colonel and a Vietnam Veteran. I wanted to serve like he did.

What life lessons did you learn in the Military?

The most important lesson I learned is that teamwork is essential for any mission to be successful.

What skills did you bring from the military to your position at CentiMark?

What brought you to CentiMark?

Good fortune is what brought me to CentiMark.

How can we help Veterans?

Donating to the Wounded Warriors Project is an excellent way for busy individuals to help veterans.

Thank you Jay Smartz for serving our country in The United States Army.


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