Thanking CentiMark Veterans: Jonathan Wong

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Jonathan  WongName:
Jonathan Leandro Wong, Field Supervisor

CentiMark Office: Bartlett, TN

Years with CentiMark: 11 years

Military Service: I served six years in the United States Army Reserve. My rank: Specialist/E-4. I was stationed in Tikrit, Iraq and NAS Millington, TN

What made you join the military?
I wanted to serve my country and help save lives on the battlefield.

What life lessons did you learn in the Military?

Honor, Integrity, Selfless Service

What skills did you bring from the military to your position at CentiMark?

What brought you to CentiMark?

I was working at CentiMark when I joined the Military.

How can we help Veterans?

Be more understanding about the issues of returning Veterans such as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and TBI (traumatic brain injury). Many of us spent a large part of deployment in high stress and high risk situations. Many of us will always carry what we have seen or had to do in the military while in battle. We do not blame anyone for the problems, we just ask that the civilian population be understanding and receptive of Veterans returning home.

Thank You Jonathan Wong for serving our country in the United States Army Reserve.


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