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Thanking CentiMark Veterans: Randall Tyler

Thanking CentiMark Veterans: Randall Tyler

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Randall TylerName:
Randall Tyler, Warehouse Manager/Crane Operator

CentiMark Office: Kalamazoo, MI

Years with CentiMark: 3-1/2 years

Military Service: I served for 20 years in the United States Army as a Sergeant in Germany and Iraq.

What made you join the military?
Pride in America and defense of our Freedoms.

What life lessons did you learn in the Military?

Nothing is beyond accomplishment with dedication

What skills did you bring from the military to your position at CentiMark?

  • Professionalism, organization skills, driving ability

What brought you to CentiMark?

After 44 months with Operation Iraqi Freedom, I suffered 24 months of unemployment until I found a job with the Kalamazoo, MI office as a crane operator.

How can we help Veterans?

By learning about and understanding the sufferings of TBI (traumatic brain injury) and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Understand the results of being in combat and what it does to the veterans’ psychological profile.

Thank you Randall Tyler for serving our country in The United States Army


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