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Richard TalbottName:
Richard Talbott, Technical Rep

QuestMark Office: Richmond, VA

Years with QuestMark: 2-1/2 years

Military Service: I served in the United States Air Force - Active Duty 1975-1979 and Reserve 1979-1981. I was a Sergeant E-4 and served in Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX: Lakenheath AFB, England; George AFB, California and Portland Air National Guard Station, Portland, OR

What made you join the military?
Love of God and Country. Sense of Duty. Family Tradition.

What life lessons did you learn in the Military?

I learned to obey orders, responsibility, camaraderie and sense of mission.

What skills did you bring from the military to your position at QuestMark?

What brought you to QuestMark?

I was seeking an opportunity to use my life’s experience to further a growing company’s profitability.

How can we help Veterans?

The best thing to do for veterans is to realize that we were willing to give our life for your freedom and just say Thank You more than just on Veteran’s Day.

Thank you Richard Talbott for serving our country in The United States Air Force.


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