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The Dunlaps & CentiMark’s Special Easter Delivery to Senior Citizens

Burgh Bags of Easter Treats The Dunlaps & CentiMark’s Special Easter Delivery to Senior Citizens - Photo by Pam Panchak/Post-Gazette

"The best thing in life is when you can put a smile on someone's face. Many of the senior citizens are alone and without family and they need to know that people care for them. We love to receive their beautifully written thank you notes."  Edward B. Dunlap, Chairman, CentiMark Corporation

For over three years, Ed & Anna Dunlap, Tim & Terri Dunlap and CentiMark Corporation have donated monthly gifts to the 288 seniors who reside in three Pittsburgh area senior citizens facilities. Each holiday brings a treat from Pittsburgh, PA area vendors: 'Burgh Bits & Bites Food Tours, Sarris Candies, Basket of Pittsburgh, Wallace Flowers, Malone's Florist and other vendors. Items range from food and candy baskets, plants, flowers, books of stamps, gift cards to Famous Footwear or Target, flags for 4th of July. Food items and candy are the favorite treats!

The program started three years ago as Ed Dunlap attended daily Mass at St. Thomas More Church and would always look at the St. Thomas More Manor building which was next door. One day he came to work and asked to see what we could do to help the residents who lived there as he would see many of them at morning Mass. The Dunlaps decided that a monthly gift on holidays would be a welcome treat. After the success of the monthly gifts with the residents and the generous thank you notes from St. Thomas More Manor that came to CentiMark each month, The Dunlaps added the second two facilities.

The generation who lives in the senior facilities are the ones who still send very nice, personal thank you notes. Many are very touching: "I am 92 years old, my family and friends are all gone, so it means so much to me that you thought of me with a Christmas gift";  "Thanks for the African violet on Mother's Day. My Mother has been gone for 50 years, but it was her favorite and reminds me of her everytime I look at it on my window sill." and our favorite.... "I am 96 years old - all alone - do you know how long it's been since a man sent me candy for Valentine's Day?"

And the comments are very uplifting!

“I want to thank you for your article about the Easter bags that Mr. Dunlap and CentiMark gave to the residence of St. Thomas More, St. Ambrose Manor and St. Augustine Plaza. I live at St Thomas and I know how much those gifts mean to the people in our building. I think more than the gifts, it is that they remember us because many have no close family members, no children or children that live a great distance from them. Sometimes it is like the world has passed them by. Then here is a stranger and a company that remembers them. Mr. Dunlap and Centi Mark’s acts of kindness are truly a blessing to so many. Hopefully your article will encourage others to adopt a senior building or group to show kindness too. The world can certainly use more kindness.” Noreen B. 

“There is so much anxiety and negativity in the world right now, and this story was just a lovely treat” ...Lou

“I just read an excellent article about delivering Easter gifts in today’s paper. What a wonderful Easter story. The generosity and kindness of the Dunlaps is so heartwarming. Have a blessed Easter!  Sue H.

“I'm writing this thank you note on behalf of Michael A. who resides at St. Augustine Plaza in Lawrenceville, PA. He does not have Internet access, but asked me to express his gratitude for the generous and thoughtful gifts that you provide so consistently for all the holidays. Mike says that your kindness is very much appreciated and you have impeccable taste in delicious gifts! He's certain that all the residents feel the same way and are delighted with your frequent treats that brighten their daily lives. Your kindness is very much appreciated. Thank you!”  Michael A.

“It's me again! I just remembered that when I thanked you for the St. Patrick's Day gifts, I forgot about the seeds for the shamrock plants.  That is really neat.  And the cool green pen with the shamrock on the end.  And now I am thanking you for the DELICIOUS Easter gifts.  The cookies and chocolate and the trail mix were VERY GOOD!  The trail mix was a great combination of mixed nuts, raisins and M & M's.  A perfect mix! Thanks again for always remembering us here at the Manor.” Dorothy

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