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The Early Learning Institute's Tribute to Our 50th Anniversary

teli- The Early Learning InstituteCentiMark founder and CEO, Edward B. Dunlap knows quite a bit about establishing the base for a growing vital corporation from humble roots in 1968. He also realizes the importance of giving back along the way to help those in need. The Early Learning Institute (teli) is so very thankful to have been one of his beneficiaries in supporting our mission to help children with developmental delays.

Mr. Dunlap’s generosity to teli has spanned more than 17 years providing support through his gifts to teli’s Helping Hands program. This program was created to support teli families through difficult times to help reduce parents stress in managing basic needs, while they are addressing their child’s developmental concerns. CentiMark has provided teli the opportunity to significantly lighten a parent’s load for things most of us take for granted. Families have used gift cards for gasoline for their car to transport their child to medical appointments, groceries for nutritious meals for their family, diapers for their infant or warm clothes for their growing toddlers.

The following provide examples of Mr. Dunlap’s support to teli families and demonstrates how much a little help in their time of need can mean.

  • Dad works full time, however doesn’t make enough to cover basic family needs and the costs associated with his twin’s special medical and developmental needs. Mom cares for their twins full time at home. In addition to special health care expenses, transportation to medical appointments for the twins is a significant expense. Over time the parents had to sell their car because it was too expensive to maintain. Mom devotes what free time she has to researching options to support the children’s changing needs, while Grandma tries to help with warm clothes and food for the twins. Gift cards for food and clothes have helped this family breathe a little easier as they concentrate on helping their children.
  • Jason’s young father passed away suddenly leaving his mother, a full-time student with a hard financial situation to manage. While she applied for support through cash assistance and the food stamp program, gift cards enabled her to manage until she received approval.
  • Donny and Michael were from families where three full meals a day were a luxury. Thanks to the gift card program and help from the neighborhood food banks, these families were able to have food for their table and to address the special dietary needs of their children.

On behalf of these families and many more, teli is thankful for Mr. Dunlap’s support as he has lightened the burden of so many parents. We believe the following quote summarizes the impact Mr. Dunlap has made on our teli families and for that we are extremely thankful. “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

teli offers our best wishes and well-deserved congratulations to CentiMark on its 50 years of success!


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