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Three Roofing Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your 2018 Roofing Budget

Tips for Roofing Budget

2018 is upon us. Many of us now need to operate our business within the budgets that were set at the end of 2017. The real question is how can we get the most out of our roofing budget? What obstacles or unforeseen costs can potentially gobble up your contingency funds?

Listed below are three ideas that can help you get the most out of your capital budget in 2018:

  1. Do not delay going to contract! Yes there may be snow on the roof and work might not be able to start right now but waiting until spring or summer to go to contract can result in your roof condition worsening to include either additional tear off or roof deck replacement. Work with your contractor to arrange an agreement. Have your contractor agree to do winter repairs at no cost to reduce additional damage in exchange for executing the roof contract now. Your contractor will benefit by having a planned back-log and you will benefit by reducing future added costs.
  2. Be sure that your roof is up to code from a safety perspective. Do roof hatches, ladders and HVAC units at the roof perimeter edges all have the appropriate safety rails in place? If you are not sure, have this checked before work begins. Having this equipment installed at the time of roof installation will be less expensive than doing it after the fact.
  3. Have other sections of the building which are not scheduled for replacement examined. Determine if any repair work might be needed. Also consider putting a preventative maintenance plan in place and have this work completed in concert with your re-roofing project. This can lower your cost as your contractor can complete the scope of work while he is on site.




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