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Tim Dunlap - Celebrating 43 years at CentiMark on June 17, 2021

Tim Dunlap - Celebrating 43 years at CentiMark on June 17, 2021 Tim Dunlap - Celebrating 43 years at CentiMark on June 17, 2021

Today is the seventh in our eight part blog series featuring our memories from several of CentiMark’s longest term associates and a focus on the “Mark” that CentiMark and the Dunlap’s have contributed to the commercial roofing and flooring industries.  

Timothy M. Dunlap is the President and CEO of CentiMark Corporation and the son of Edward B. Dunlap, Founder & Chairman of CentiMark.  “First, I would like to congratulate all CentiMark, QuestMark and CentiMark, Ltd associates on our 53rd anniversary! On behalf of my Dad and I, we appreciate your hard work, dedication and your contributions to our success. Thanks to our vendors, suppliers and, especially, CentiMark’s customers. We value you and your support. Thank you.” 

Timeline of 53 Years of Tim Dunlap & CentiMark

April 19, 1968

Tim was eight years old when his Dad, Ed Dunlap, started D&B Laboratories which became Northern Industrial Maintenance Corporation and, in 1987, CentiMark Corporation.  He enjoyed going to work on Saturdays with his Dad to do odd jobs -  sweeping floors, labeling cans for flooring products, taking out trash and sorting the junk mail. And, he was paid $.25 per hour which bought a lot of baseball cards and penny candy in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Sometimes, he would take a break and ride his dirt bike on the railroad tracks near the office building.

Early 1970s

As Tim got older, he went with his Dad to deliver proposals to customers. Tim really enjoyed those trips: “I learned so much about sales and the company at my Dad’s hand. I loved having lunch with him and we would visit interesting places during those trips throughout Western PA and Eastern OH.


Tim worked in the warehouse during the summers of his high school years. He labeled flooring products, shipped materials to customers and loaded tools, equipment and materials onto trucks for roofing jobs.

June 17, 1978 

Two weeks after Tim’s high school graduation, he was hired full time on the roofing and flooring crews.

Summer 1978

Steve Hecht sold the first EPDM roofing job at St. Mary’s High School, St. Mary’s, PA and Tim was one of the crewmembers on that job.  Tim will admit: “We had the instruction manuals in our back pockets and referred to them all the time! The EPDM roof installation was new to all of us and different from the hot asphalt roofing that we were used to installing!”

Tim also tells the story of working on a roof for a beverage company in Akron, OH. “It was so hot and we were wearing long pants,’’ he said. “I had my fellow crew member Mike Testa [now Estimator, Stow, OH] cut my pants legs off into shorts with a utility knife. Note to Crews and Safety: this is not an appropriate solution today!”

March 3, 1983

Tim was promoted from the crew to a Sales position, first as a Trainee then as a Sales Representative. This was a big move career wise but also because he moved from an hourly associate to a salaried associate.  He was mentored in sales by his Dad, as he had been during his younger years. Tim did his own work as a Technical Representative during those early years.

December 31, 1986 

Tim finished 1986 with $1,010,003 in sales and the company: Northern Industrial Maintenance & Southern States Maintenance finished 1986 with $32,039,456 in sales, an increase from 1985 of sales of $23,573,161.  Tim was featured in the December 1986 company newsletter The Forum with this quote on sales: “The most important aspect of a good sales representative is personal integrity. I’m always up front with my customers even if what I have to say is not what the customer wants to hear. Honesty pays off for me in the long run.”

May 1, 1992 

Tim was selling roofs and was also promoted to Sales Manager to oversee the sales team in the Steel Valley (Bethel Park, PA) office. 

June 1, 1993

John Altvater, now Vice President & Eastern Group Director, QuestMark Flooring, started working with Tim as his Technical Representative.

December 31, 1994

CentiMark had a total of $100 million in sales in 1994. Tim finished the year as CentiMark’s #2 Sales Representative with $4,053,198 in sales. Steve Ferencz finished as the #1 Sales Representative with $5,689,808. Today, Steve is the Executive Vice President & Western Group Director, Lenexa, KS.  

May 1, 1997

Tim was promoted to President, Great Lakes Division. In his capacity as a Regional Manager, he oversaw the administration, sales and operations of three offices:  Canonsburg, PA; Stow, OH and Buffalo, NY (Tonawanda).

January 1, 1999 

Tim was promoted to Senior Vice President/Division Manager as he continued to oversee the Great Lakes Division.

April 30, 1999

Tim Dunlap and his Great Lakes Division were awarded CentiMark’s Division of the Year. The Division also was recognized in the Top Ten in the company for Percentage of Growth in Net Income.

May 1, 2000

Tim was promoted to Senior Vice President Group Manager - Northern Group. As Group Manager, he oversaw the administrations, sales and operations for offices in the Northern Group: Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Detroit, MI; Kalamazoo, MI; Buffalo, NY; Columbus, OH: Dayton, OH; Stow, OH; Canonsburg, PA, Minneapolis, MN; Milwaukee, WI. 

Tim also served as Co-Chair of the Management Committee at CentiMark Corporate - a strategic planning committee to discuss various short- and long-term plans and projects for the company.

May 1, 2002 

Tim was promoted to the position of  Executive Vice President. He also became a member of CentiMark’s Executive Committee - CentiMark’s governing body that oversees the policies, procedures, challenges and goals of the company for the current and future years.

January 1, 2003

Tim was promoted to the position of President & Chief Operating Officer (COO). He moved from his office in the Steel Valley building in Canonsburg, PA across the street to CentiMark’s Corporate Headquarters.  For the first time, Ed Dunlap and Tim Dunlap shared the Executive Suite at Corporate - known as “the 4th Floor”.

Prior to the promotion,Tim had a conversation with his Dad and told him that he was ready for this move into the overall Corporate management and his Dad agreed. As Tim shares: “I worked in almost every position over the previous 25 years and I was ready for the responsibility of managing the day-to-day operations of the company.  Everyone in CentiMark has to work very hard for their promotions and advancement. But if one person had to jump two feet, I had to jump four feet!”

This new position involved the overall responsibility of CentiMark’s 85 offices and 3,500 associates. The Executive Committee, Management Teams in sales and operations and Corporate Department Managers help Tim with his oversight of the company.

In Tim’s 18 years in this position, CentiMark sales increased from $244,890,470 in 2003 to $801,076,113 in 2020. The company is financially strong and poised for the future.

February 1, 2021

Tim was promoted to President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO). His Dad, Ed Dunlap, continues to serve as the Chairman of CentiMark. As CEO, Tim is also responsible for maximizing the value of the business and moving the company forward. Tim, his Dad and everyone at CentiMark have the same goal: to be the first Billion Dollar corporation in the commercial roofing and flooring industries.

Interview with Tim Dunlap  - April 13, 2021

When did you realize that CentiMark was going to succeed? 

  1. Everything began to change at CentiMark when we started installing EPDM rubber roofing membrane - a new technology in the mid-1970s. Steve Hecht sold that roof and I worked on the first roofing crew to install a CentiMark EPDM roof at St. Mary’s High School, St. Mary’s, PA in 1978. That roofing product line helped us grow the company exponentially.
  2. Another milestone was when we achieved $100 million in sales in 1994.  CentiMark has the word “Centi” in our name because $100 million was a goal of my Dad’s that we exceeded more quickly than we expected!  We had $10 million in sales in 1984 and within a decade achieved $100 million!
  3. The final factor in our success was our investment in SAP software in 1998. Our technology was and continues to be a game changer for our internal processes and our documentation for our customers to view online in documents, photos and videos. 

Congratulations to Tim Dunlap on his 43 years at CentiMark. Thanks for your leadership!

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