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Top Ten Ways to Protect Your Roof During Inclement Weather

Top Ten Ways to Protect Your Roof During Inclement Weather Top Ten Ways to Protect Your Roof During Inclement Weather

InclementWeatherBe Prepared. No roof is 100% immune to the damages of rain, hail, heavy winds, tornadoes or hurricanes. Proper construction and preventative maintenance on the roof system does help improve roof performance. However, even roofs that are properly designed and installed can fail during a weather disaster.

  • Drains should be clean for free flow of water and all debris, leaves, sticks and/or litter should be removed.
  • A roof inspection can prepare your roof for inclement weather by determining if any repairs are needed for defects associated with drainage, counterflashing, penetrations, condition of membrane and roof accessories.
  • Ensure there are not any loose metal flashings such as metal drip edge, copings and wall flashings.
  • Make repairs where needed for any failed wall flashings.
  • Look for areas of excess moisture, water infiltration, loose or open seams and/or blisters.
  • Remove unused equipment such as satellite dishes and construction materials.
  • Review the terms of your roof warranty. Know the requirements of your warranty for Preventative Maintenance and Housekeeping on your roof.
  • Know your local CentiMark Service Team. The main number is 855-483-1975 and you will be asked to input your zip code for a local Service crew.
  • Download the CentiMark Mobile APP on your mobile device to quickly and efficiently request service for roof leaks or other problems.
  • Register at, our online management portal that contains all the information on your current and past roofing projects to include photographs and warranty information. All the information you need to make good roofing decisions at your fingertips.

After a weather emergency, CentiMark crews need to wait until the roads are safe to travel. Once crews are mobilized, we’ll work to get your building watertight utilizing proper safety procedures. First, we’ll assist with temporary repairs; then permanent repairs and/or full roof replacement.


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