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Understanding the Obligations of Your Roof Warranty


It is important that you understand what your warranty covers, who is responsible and how you are protected. Here are some things you should know about your roof warranty:

•  What is covered? Is it materials only, workmanship or both?

•  Term of the warranty? How long is the warranty, can it be extended and what may void the warranty?

•  What is the structure of the warranty? Is it pro-rated or a no dollar limit warranty.

•  Is the manufacturer or contractor responsible for warranty coverage?

Building owners are tasked with meeting the terms of a roof warranty to keep the warranty valid. These terms typically include written documentation of annual preventative maintenance and housekeeping along with making sure that all drains and gutters function properly.

At CentiMark we feel it is our responsibility to help our customers comply with the terms and conditions of their roof warranties. It is a value added service that we provide all customers. We will help with annual preventative maintenance, regular roof evaluations and any needed emergency service work. We will also make sure that all gutters, downspouts, drains and other details on the roof function properly.


If you are unaware of the type and terms of your warranty you should contact your roofing contractor with questions. If you have CentiMark’s Single Source Warranty, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you for the life of your roof and help ensure you are getting the maximum life out of your roofing investment.



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