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Veterans of CentiMark & QuestMark

Veterans of CentiMark & QuestMark Veterans of CentiMark & QuestMark

Thank you to all the CentiMark/QuestMark Veterans who served our country. We appreciate your service and are equally proud to have you working for CentiMark/QuestMark. CentiMark’s Founder, Chairman and CEO Edward B. Dunlap is a proud United States Coast Guard Veteran.


Tom Abner, Branch Safety Inspector
Columbus, OH
United States Marine Corps
Lance Corporal
Served six years: two tours in Iraq 2003-2005

Ian Aegerter, Warehouse Assistant/Driver
Stow, OH
United States Air Force
Staff Sergeant
Served six years

Joseph Anderson, Service Sales
Albany, NY
United States Navy
Petty Officer 3rd Class (F-4)
“I joined the military because of September 11th. Redemption.” Joseph Anderson

Sam Arinsmier, Warehouse Manager
Houston, TX QuestMark
United States Navy
Petty Officer Third Class
Served four years
“Being able to serve this country has by far been the single greatest honor and achievement that I've had the privilege to do thus far in my life. I am grateful for the opportunity that I was given to be apart of something bigger than myself. Though difficult and daunting at times, the necessary task of contributing to the building block and staple that keeps this country together was nothing short of honorable. Thanks to all of you Veterans out there who were willing to go above and beyond the call and sacrifice whatever it took to continue to make America such a great nation.” Sam Arinsmier

Bobby Banks, Foreman
Pelham, AL
United States Navy
Served four years: 1989-1993

Mark Beck, Service Director
Omaha, NE
United State Army
Served four years: 1982-1985

Ronald Boucher, Service, Sales & Estimating
Houston, TX
United States Air Force - Jet Engine Mechanic
Served six years active duty and two inactive
Tech Sergeant (E5)
“I would tell all kids who graduate high school and do not want to go to college or cannot afford college, to talk to the USAF recruiter to see if you can join. The opportunities are endless and the sky's the limit to what happens next.” Ron Boucher

Jim Camp, Service Foreman
Syracuse, NY
United States Navy
MSC (E-7)
Served 13 years: 1979-1992

David Dumond
Ontario, CA
United States Marine Corps and Army National Guard
Served 32 years total. Six years in Marines/26 years in the Army National Guard
“I served six years in the United States Marine Corps on active duty as a Percussionist and as a M60 machine gunner. My rank was Lance Corporal. I served active and reserves in the Army National Guard for 26 years of commissioned service as an Armor and Chemical Officer. My total time in the military is 32 years. My rank is Lieutenant Colonel (LTC). I was stationed in Naval Amphibious Base, Norfolk, VA; Camp Pendleton, CA; Joint Armed Forces Base, Los Alamitos, CA; Camp Roberts, CA; Forward Operating Base Hughie, Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
I always felt the need to contribute to a larger cause. After being in the service for some time, I loved the teamwork and sense of accomplishment. There were always challenging positions and missions that brought out the best in you.” David Dumond

Curtis Duvall, Senior Supervisor
Knoxville/Powell, TN
United States Marine Corps.
Served five years
“I went into the military because I knew it would make a man out of me.” Curtis Duvall


Joe Filtz, Vice President of Applications
United States Army 82nd Airborne Division
Field Artillery Sergeant
Served four years: 1976-1980

Alexander Jagusch, Production Foreman (pictured bottom left)
Bloomington, MN
United States Army National Guard
Cavalry Scout- 19 Delta - Sergeant
Served eight years

Justin W. Harding, Warehouse Manager
Auburn/Seattle, WA
United States Army
Rank: Medical Specialist
Served six years

Nathaniel Lamb, National Account Manager
South Plainfield, NJ
United States Navy
Lieutenant Commander
Served 15+ years
“ I enlisted in the Navy shortly out of high school (2003). I was accepted to USNA in 2005 and commissioned in 2009. Now I continue to work my way through the ranks in the Navy Reserves. I could speak on forever regarding all the outstanding opportunities that my prior and continued service has afforded me. The photo is of my commissioning in May of 2009 from the United States Naval Academy with President Obama.” Nathanial Lamb

Douglas Miller, National Accounts Manager
Portland, OR QuestMark
United States Army C/Co - 2/75th Infantry Rangers
Served six years

VeteranJoshuaMillerNovember 2019
Joshua Miller, Branch Safety Inspector
Seattle, WA
United States Army - Airborne Paratrooper
Served four Years -
Specialist. 3rd Battalion, 509th Airborne Infantry Regiment, Heavy Weapons Unit, Fort Richardson, AK.
“The mission of 3-509 Airborne Infantry Regiment is to, on order, deploy worldwide to conduct an airborne assault, offensive operations and counter-insurgency ops. Deployed to Paktia province, Afghanistan. GERONIMO, ALL THE WAY.” Josh Miller


Sean Robinson, Office Foreman
Billings, MT
United States Army 82nd Airborne Div
Airborne Infantryman Sergeant
Served five years: 2004-2009 Three combat tours

John Rudzik, Retired CFO, Executive Director CentiMark Foundation
CentiMark Corporate, Canonsburg, PA
United States Army
First Lieutenant
Served eight years, including six years in reserves

Mark Shaffer, Roof Tech
Charleston WV/Columbus, OH
United States Air Force National Guard
Senior Airman
Served nine years

Jay Smartz, Senior Project Manager
Denver, CO
United States Army
Served eight years: two years as a cadet in college; enlisted for two years and officer for four years
“I joined because my Father served and I was compelled to serve.” Jay Smartz

Nathaniel Stuckey, Field Supervisor
West Chicago, IL QuestMark
United States Navy
Information Systems Technician 2nd Class
Six years (currently serving)

Michael H Testa, Estimator
Stow, OH
United States Navy
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Served four years: 1972-1976

Randall Tyler, Warehouse Manager
Kalamazoo, MI
United States Army
Sergeant: E-5
Served 20.5 years

Phil Wilkie, Purchasing Manager
CentiMark Corporate, Canonsburg, PA
United States Army
Served four years: 1982 - 1986
“One of the best decisions I ever made in my life! Changed my life and put me on the right track to being the man that I am today!” Phil Wilkie

Jonathan Wong, Operations Manager
Bartlett, TN
United States Army Reserve
Served six years
“I was stationed in Tikrit, Iraq and NAS Millington, TN. I wanted to serve my country and help save lives on the battlefield.” Jonathan Wong



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