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Western Group Safety Success in 2018

DesMoinesOffceThe Western Group had a very SAFE 2018. Nine of the 18 Western offices were injury free in 2018. The Western Group Incidence Rate in 2018 was 1.54 and they had the most man hours worked in the company. In 2016, the Western Group’s Incidence Rate was 1.53 - their lowest Incidence Rate in Western Group history.

While the Western Group is proud of their success is safety, they know the challenges ahead to keep safety a top priority. Their goal is always Zero Injuries.

Ryan Gibson, Western/Southern Safety Director

“Injury Free is our goal every year. What may seem an impossible goal - having Zero injuries - is the ultimate goal for us each year. We continue to make improvements to safety procedures and maintain a low injury rate.”

“Our new associates are thoroughly trained on job site safety hazards. We utilized a New Hire Orientation, Green Vest Program and New Hire On-Site Safety Checklists to help with training. We always talk about injuries that happened that could have been prevented and implement preventive measures. Our Safety Specialists do a great job in training associates in First Aid and CPR and what to do when an injury occurs as well as how to manage minor injuries.”

“At all First Quarter Safety Meetings and throughout the year, we discuss the importance of not getting hurt and how injuries affect the entire company. We explain to our associates how injuries can affect our insurance premiums/rating and our Incidence Rate. Those factors affect our ability to get jobs. In the West, our low Incidence Rate has helped us get some large roofing projects.”

OmahaOfficeYesenia Flores Uzan, Southwest Safety Specialist

“We have unconditional support from Steve Ferencz, Western Group Director, and Ryan Gibson, Western/Southern Safety Director, Ed and Tim Dunlap, the Corporate Safety Management Team and our respective office teams.”

Richard Phillips, Rocky Mountain Safety Specialist

“A large part of our success in safety is attributed to all the associates looking out for each other on our roofing projects. We communicate that safety is the responsibility of everyone - from new hires to operations managers to upper management. Communication is also an important key to maintaining a safe roofing environment. Here’s what I always say: ‘If you see something, say something; question that which is new or unfamiliar to you.’”

Patrick Steece, North Central Safety Specialist

“We utilize Branch Safety Inspectors (BSI) from offices throughout the organization to conduct vital inspections, identify hazard control and assist with training. These BSIs provide additional eyes on the roofing projects and additional support in our safety efforts. During each inspection, I explain to the crews, sales representatives and management the safety hazard controls plus any uncontrolled hazards. We train our crews in fall protection, fire safety, first aid and CPR. My standard message is: ‘There are no dumb questions involving safety.’”

Western Group Safety Team:

Ryan Gibson, Western/Southern Safety Director
Benny Cardozo, Southwest Safety Specialist
Rich Phillips, Rocky Mountain Safety Specialist
Leighton Smiley, Pacific Northwest Senior Safety Specialist
Pat Steece, North Central Senior Safety Specialist
Pedro Tinajero, California Senior Safety Specialist
Yesenia Uzan, Phoenix & Albuquerque Safety Specialist

Western Group Offices without a Workplace Injury - 2018

10 Years Injury Free:
Houston, TX - 1,250,627 hours worked
Salt Lake City, UT - 466,014 hours worked
Des Moines, IA - 318,589 hours worked
San Antonio, TX - 61,131 hours worked

8 Years Injury Free:
Omaha, NE - 431,205 hours worked

4 Years Injury Free:
Phoenix, AZ - 311,846 hours worked

2 Years Injury Free:
Kansas City, MO - 157,801 hours worked
Oklahoma City, OK - 51,581 hours worked

1 Year Injury Free:
Dallas, TX - 109,073 hours worked


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