By CentiMark Corporation on Tuesday, 21 November 2017
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Winter is on its Way! Protect Your Roof from Snow.

What is your rooftop snow removal plan?

Winter can be a harsh season for your roof. In addition to being one of your building’s most valuable assets, your roof can also be one of the most vulnerable.

For this reason snow can have a number of negative effects on your roof. The additional weight accompanied by the melting and freezing of snow and water can lead to serious damage to the structure of your building. Here are three ways snow can affect your roof:

1. Snow Load: 12 inches of snow weighs approximately five pounds, and that additional weight can put a lot of extra stress on your structure. When the wind blows, the snow drifts, which could result in roof problems.

2. Ice Dams: If snow melts and then re-freezes layers of ice can form around drains or at the edge of the roof. This inhibits the ability of the roof to drain properly. Once a layer of ice has formed, it may not melt quickly which can disrupt water flow off the roof causing dangerous weight on the roof.

3. Roof Cracking/Leaks: If excess water is accumulating on your roof it can create leaks or weaken flashing and coping areas by expanding as it re-freezes.

A novice snow removal team will not understand the complexities and hazards on your roof and can oftentimes do more harm to your roof than good. Don’t put your people or property at risk. Make sure you are signed up for CentiMark’s Snow Removal Services.

Professional Rooftop Snow Removal Services:

The Steps CentiMark Takes to Ensure Proper Safety and Removal of Snow:

Preventative Snow and Ice Solutions:

Snow Guards – For sloped roofs, they hold the snow at the edge or peak of a roof allowing the snow to melt gradually. This prevents a massive amount of snow from sliding off the roof and causing unsafe conditions on the ground below.

Heat Tape
 – This can be installed in gutters and downspouts to help control ice build-up at the edge of the roof.

Demand for repair surges after severe weather hits. This can mean extended wait times for emergency service. Make sure you are signed up for CentiMark’s Snow Removal Services to receive priority scheduling. Just read through the Snow Removal Waiver, sign and return it and you will be at the top of our list.