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Winter Solutions For Your Roof & Floor

Winter Solutions For Your Roof & Floor

Winter Weather Can Be Hard on Your Roof

Winter Weather Rooftop Accessories

  • Let us help you with practical, cost-effective rooftop tools to help minimize problems from snow and ice melts.

Heat Tape is installed in downspouts and gutters to help control ice build-up at the edge of the roof and to prevent the collapse of the downspouts or gutters.

Snow Guards are installed at the edge of the roof to hold onto snow so that snow and ice melt gradually and fall off the roof slowly. The snow guards prevent chunks of snow and ice from sliding off the roof and causing damage to people, vehicles or equipment on the ground.

Rooftop Snow Removal

  • Use a roofing professional to remove snow from your roof. How would a non-roofing snow removal team understand the complexities and hazards on your roof? What’s underneath all the snow on your roof? Gas lines, electrical conduits, skylights? CentiMark places markers to identify skylights and other roof projections.
  • A roofing contractor not only removes the snow safely and without damaging the roof, but also knows how to examine the underdeck for fatigue than may indicate excessive weight load that could lead to a roof collapse.

Get Your Floors Ready for Winter

  • Interior/exterior mats and ice melts can help minimize the snow, ice and salt that enters your building from the parking lot and sidewalks.
  • Slip-resistant floors - such as QuestMark’s DiamondQuest floor system - can aid in floor safety.
  • Yellow safety stripes and removal of trip hazards will improve slip and fall areas.

Extend the Life of Your Floor This Winter

  • Install a DiamondQuest Polished Concrete floor. It’s a multi-step process of progressively grinding concrete floor surfaces. Your concrete floor will be shiny, dust free, easy-to-maintain and slip resistant.
  • WOW your customers with decorative logos, designs and colors. Use this time to improve the aesthetics and customer-appeal to your floors.
  • Use a Resurfacer product to repair and smooth over damaged concrete floors. This help provide a durable, seamless floor surface that withstands repeated cleaning and resists chemicals and thermal shock.

2021 Roofing and Flooring Trends

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