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Winter Weather and Your Roof

Winter Weather and Your Roof

Winter Weather: It’s Hard on Your Roof

Let CentiMark help you avoid the consequences of water damage caused by a leaky roof!

Potential Roof Problems:

  • Frozen gutters filled with ice can damage your building. Heavy ice from gutters pulls them down and away from the roof creating openings for water entry. 
  • High winds from winter storms cause roof penetrations to loosen and create openings at the base flashings or punctures. Debris may blow across the roof and cause punctures or tears.


  • Heavy snow drifting at parapet walls and elevation changes can cause flashings and counter-flashings to loosen or pull away
  • Thermal shock caused by extreme temp changes (50 degrees or more) in 24 hours can cause aged roof systems to split and crack
  • Heavy snow may cause structural damage or roof collapse




Let CentiMark inspect your roof before the spring rains. Schedule a roof inspection to see what affect this harsh winter had on your roof: 855-483-1975


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