With all of the choices for employment out there, why would you want to work at CentiMark?

Hayward CA Roofing350pxWell, for lots of reasons!

Commercial roofing is a business that will never go out of style and is always in demand. That means that economic conditions have little effect on our business.

We strive to provide steady, year round work. Many roofing companies lay off staff come winter – we do our best not to! We work just as hard as you do to keep you busy throughout the year!

Everyone wants to work for a company that will invest just as much in their employees as their employees invest in them. That’s us!

•  We offer a very comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, disability plans and paid vacation & holidays.

•  CentiMark also provides 401K and ESOP plans that will help you to invest in your future.

•  We provide continuous on-the-job training and opportunities for growth. Many CentiMark associates have started their careers as laborers and have worked their way up into higher positions such as Sales Manager, Operations Manager, Regional Manager and Executive Vice President. Even our own President & COO, Tim Dunlap, started as a laborer and worked his way up through the company.

We care and believe in giving back to our communities. CentiMark and their employees are active in various charities and organizations to help people live better lives.

So...You could work for a company that gives you a job - Or

You could work for CentiMark Corporation that offers you a chance at a real career. The choice is yours!

Visit CentiMark.com/jobs to search for and apply for current career opportunities