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Your VCT or Terrazzo Floors Lost Their Shine? There's an Easy Way to Restore It.

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Due to their attractive appearance, resilience and reasonable ownership cost, vinyl composite tile (VCT) and terrazzo flooring are sought-after options for commercial facilities. These flooring systems are particularly suitable for heavily trafficked areas, including airports, hospitals and retail stores, as they balance aesthetics, safety and longevity. However, because of their porous texture, these types of floors necessitate regular upkeep to protect the surface, preserve the shine and maintain the warranty. Are your floors losing their luster? Check out our new commercial flooring service - VCT and Terrazzo Strip & Wax.


Our Process:

  1. Our industrial-strength auto scrubbers and daily cleaning pads will remove any dirt or debris.
  2. We will run the auto scrubber with stripping pads over the floor to remove the existing coatings and any additional dirt. This thorough cleaning eliminates years of traffic impact and cleaning residue. 
  3. Once the floor has been properly stripped, we will run the auto scrubber with daily cleaning pads one more time.
  4. Once the floor is dry we will apply wax to seal the surface and bring out the shine. The number of wax coats is determined by the desired level of finish.
  5. If needed, we can do a final burnish 24-72 hours after applying the last wax coat. 


The Benefits:

  • Scheduling Flexibility: We understand the importance of keeping your operations running smoothly. That's why we offer to work around YOUR schedule, even overnight, to minimize disruptions.
  • Enhanced Appearance: High-traffic areas can quickly lose their shine. You can bring back that "new floor" look overnight with strip and wax service. This will enhance your interior's overall aesthetics and maximize ambient light use.
  • Safety: Sealing your floor surface with wax can prevent pollutants and contaminants from settling into the pores and potentially improve surface traction for foot traffic.
  • Environmental Impact: Our strip and wax service can help you extend the life of your floors and delay replacements. With higher reflectivity, your floors will illuminate your facility better, reducing energy consumption.
  • Customized Maintenance Schedule: Our team of seasoned commercial flooring specialists can help you create a personalized rejuvenation schedule, taking into account your traffic volume, traffic type and warranty terms. We can also provide regular cleaning and maintenance services for your VCT or terrazzo floors.

Say goodbye to dull and dirty floors and hello to a bright, polished and welcoming space. Contact us today to learn more about our VCT and terrazzo floor services and how we can help your facility.

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