2023 Roofing Outlook

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As we kick off 2023 we wanted to take a look at the factors that will impact the roofing industry this year. We feel there are going to be five major factors that will drive the roofing market. More specifically, these include the availability of labor, material, supply chain, economic conditions, technological advancements within the industry and customer demands.  Each of these factors is unique in their own regard so let’s review the impact they may have.

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Take Floor Maintenance and Repairs Off Your Plate

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Keeping high-traffic areas clean and safe can be challenging whether you are in charge of a retail store, manufacturing plant or office building. Did you know we have dedicated teams who focus on servicing your floor and exterior surfaces? See how our experienced crews can take the maintenance of your commercial floor and exterior surfaces off your to-do list:

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Maintenance Calendar: A Year in the Life of Your Roof, Floor and Exterior Surfaces

planning your year of roofing

Regular cleaning, maintenance and repairs are crucial to keeping your facility's roof, floor and exterior surfaces in excellent shape and extending the life of your assets. We want to help you plan for the whole year and minimize surprises in your facility maintenance budget.

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Tried and True: Metal Roofing and Siding for Your Building.

 two construction workers installing metal roof

More and more commercial and industrial facilities across North America choose metal roofing and siding as their ultimate solution to stay watertight and fire-resistant. Let's look at some benefits that drive the interest in metal solutions. 

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Floor and Exterior Surface Safety and Repairs

snow on the parking lot of a shopping center

The colder temperatures are here and some parts of North America are already seeing the first snow. Snow, sludge, mud and ice-preventing chemicals may be tracked into your facility with pedestrian and equipment traffic. Your parking lots and sidewalks may start deteriorating due to excessive precipitation and the freeze-thaw cycles. Both indoor and outdoor surfaces may become slippery and limit accessibility for your visitors or associates. Let's look into these winter-specific challenges further and what you can do about them.

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Face Winter With Confidence: How to Protect Your Roof.

a bird eye view of a snowed city

Oh, winter! The snow, the holidays, the cheer. But what does winter mean to your flat roof? There are a number of season-specific challenges your facility's roof may face in the next few months, particularly if your building experiences extreme weather. 

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Roofing in North America: Where Do We Stand?

state of the industry

2022 has been quite a unique year to navigate for commercial roofers and their customers. As an industry, we started with massive backlogs caused by labor and material shortages due to the COVID-19 outbreaks. Roofing contractors were placing orders in fear of material shortages, driving material sales up 300% while the market was only experiencing 15% growth. Customers were faced with extensive lead times on roofing projects and often had to focus their strategy on repairs or coatings.

So, where do we stand now? A recent Quarterly Market Index Survey1 for reroofing (2022 Q2) by a coalition of industry trade associations, including manufacturers, contractors and consultants, shows a positive trend overall. 

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Rejuvenated Floors? Keep that Shine Lasting Longer.

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Floor rejuvenation is an excellent, cost-efficient way to get your floors looking new and as safe as possible. But how can you preserve that new floor look longer? With proper cleaning and maintenance. Thankfully, commercial flooring systems are specifically designed to withstand heavy traffic and extensive cleaning. Still, there are a few tips you can follow to keep your floors in the best shape possible.

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2023 Roofing Budget: What to Expect?

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Your facility's roof is often out of sight, out of mind. But keeping it out of your annual budget planning may cost you. Overlooked roof damage from inclement weather or aging may result in additional costs and consequences when you end up with roof leaks.

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Inspections: Making Your Roof and Floor Last.

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Did you know that roofs and floors age over time? The life of your roof and floor can be improved by inspecting them on a regular basis.

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Pros and Cons to Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing

complex roof with SPF coating

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing is a great way to prolong the life of your roof and provide insulation while reducing installation and maintenance costs. 

SPF consists of two layers of protection. The first layer is applied using a sprayer that gives a seamless, monolithic waterproof barrier and will adhere to most vertical or horizontal substrates. The second layer is a protecting coat that is cementitious, silicone, urethane, acrylic or polyurea. Here are some pros and cons of spray foam roofing.

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QuestMark Shop: Making DIY a Breeze.

floor cleaning

Do you have a few flooring projects you want to do yourself but don’t know where to get the products you need? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

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Roof Emergencies: We’re Here for You.


Did you know that over 3,500 CentiMark associates are standing by to provide assistance in an emergency situation? We know roof emergencies happen, especially in the middle of storm season. CentiMark wants to assure you that we are available to help you keep your roof watertight during these emergencies.

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Are Your Floors and Grounds ADA Compliant?

wheelchair person

Since July 26, 1991, when the original ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG)1 were implemented, all public facilities and grounds have been striving to provide equal accessibility opportunities for individuals with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)2 of 1990. The condition of your floors and traffic areas is crucial to ADA compliance and in making visiting or working in your facility a positive experience for any customer or associate, regardless of their possible mobility limitations. Individuals with disabilities should be able to freely access, enter and leave applicable public and work areas. Where to start? Here's a quick list of items to pay attention to:

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Customer Service You Can Rely On

customer service rep smiling

Your commercial roof is a large investment and your facility's first line of defense against the elements. So many aspects of your business operations are affected by the roof's performance, from the safety of your employees to the integrity of your property and equipment. 

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Roof Safety - Let’s Keep Your Associates Out of Harm’s Way.

roof worker inspecting solar panels

Falls from heights are one of the biggest concerns for every construction site. For the past eight years, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) has been raising fall hazard awareness in the construction industry through the National Safety Stand-Down -- a fall prevention initiative that includes events and resources for both employers and employees. 

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2022 Hurricane Season: Let’s Evaluate Your Roof.


The 2022 hurricane season is lurking around the corner. Preparing your facility to face anything Mother Nature throws at it is vital, particularly considering massive material shortages and backlogs plaguing the construction and roofing industries.

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Successful CentiMark Southpointe Golfs for Children’s 2022 Event

golf tournament group photo

Thanks to all of our golfers, sponsors, donors and volunteers who helped us have a very successful golf event on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at Southpointe Golf Club, Canonsburg. This was the 19th year of CentiMark’s golf event for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation.

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Warning Lines and Skylights

roofing workers installing safety on skylights


By Leigh Hunsberger, Eastern Safety Manager, King of Prussia, PA

Skylights are an often overlooked hazard in both the construction and general industry sectors. Many times individuals only relate to a leading edge as a “fall hazard”; but, the fact remains that each year there continues to be falls through unprotected skylights. Whether we are discussing roofing safety, the safety of maintenance workers or anyone else that may access roofs, we need to make sure all hazards are addressed.

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OSHA Hierarchy of Control

a construction worker attaching safety harness

As one of the top hazards in the construction industry, roofing falls are preventable. The first step to preventing a fall in roofing is to identify and recognize the hazards present. The second step is to eliminate or minimize the recognized hazards.

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