In our fifth decade in the roofing industry, we take great pride in the people and professionalism that drive CentiMark to new levels of success and excellence in roofing and flooring.

Risks on Roofing Projects and Keeping Roofers Safe

 CentiMark Roofers Performing Roof Work

Safety and injury prevention are the responsibility of every roofing contractor. Prior to the start of any roofing project, safety plans should be reviewed with both the customer and crews. A goal for every roofing crewmember is to return home safely to their families every evening.

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St. Clair Hospital Congratulates CentiMark on 50 years

Dunlap Conference Center PhotoMore than 60 years ago, the people of Pittsburgh’s South Hills accomplished something remarkable. They had the vision and tenacity to band together and create a hospital of their own. It was a grassroots effort that resulted in the opening of St. Clair Hospital.

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Why Floor Inspections Should be Part of Your Spring Cleaning Routine for Your Floors

Spring is here and that means spring cleaning. Don’t forget your floors.

Clean Floor inspected by QuestMarkThe winter weather tracks in salt, moisture, dirt and debris into your facility. This can all be very damaging to your concrete or hard surface floors. It is important that you clean and maintain your floors to improve their durability, enhance non-slip characteristics, ensure optimal performance and keep them looking great. To determine what repairs or maintenance is needed, have a thorough floor evaluation conducted.

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Why Safety Matters

2 CentiMark Roofing Contractors Using a Roofing Safety HarnessAn excellent safety record helps ensure that the likelihood of an injury on the roof is greatly reduced. That means the contractor typically does not pay expensive insurance claims or partake in unwanted litigation. Ultimately, this saves money for customers.

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Roof Coatings - Extending the Life of Single Ply Roofs

Roof with Protective CoatingRoof coatings are one of the keys to help extend the life of any roof system. A building may need a new roof; but, coatings may be a viable option to extend the roof for five to ten years, along with the addition of a roof warranty for those years.

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National Safety Stand Down - Warning Lines on the Roof

Warning Lines on RoofWarning lines are one of the oldest forms of fall protection mandated by OSHA for low slope roof projects. The basics of the system are that the lines must be made of rope, wire or chain. The flags must be visible, present every six (6) feet, 34 to 39-inches from roof level and erected at a minimum of six (6) feet from the fall hazard.

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National Safety Stand Down - Fall Arrest Systems on the Roof

Worker on Roof Wearing a Restraint SystemFall protection is a major safety focus and concern for CentiMark on all roofing projects.  The first step in preventing roof falls is to inspect and identify the potential hazards on every job.  Personal fall protection can be placed into two different categories: fall arrest and fall restraint.  Any personal fall arrest or restraint system is only as good as the equipment and the properly trained user.

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National Safety Stand Down - Skylights on the Roof

Skylights in RoofSkylights are an often overlooked hazard on roofs.  Many times roofers, building maintenance personnel and others who access the roof only relate to a leading edge as a Fall Hazard. The leading edge on a roof changes locations as the additional roof sections are placed, formed or constructed. But each year, there are numerous falls through unprotected skylights.

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National Safety Stand Down - Ladders on the Roof

 Ladder Set up for Roof WorkLadders are a common and necessary tool in the construction industry. Roofers climb up and down ladders numerous times each day - exposing the workers to falls with each step taken. Falls can be fatal and are one of the leading causes of injuries and death in the construction industry.

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National Safety Stand Down - Roof Falls

Roof with Safety Features in PlaceRoof falls are one of the greatest hazards on construction sites. In the roofing industry, falls result in the largest number of fatalities. Fall hazard recognition is critical in protecting workers. The key to fall hazard awareness is training: employers must teach their associates to recognize fall hazards and to utilize fall protection to protect themselves.

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Thanks for the Opportunity, America

Edward B. Dunlap - CentiMark Founder, Chairman and CEOEdward B. Dunlap, CentiMark Founder, Chairman and CEO, wrote this Thank You to America in 1995, after 27 years in business. Today - 23 years later - and after 50 total years in business, his words still ring true! CentiMark’s 50th anniversary is April 19, 2018.

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Girls Hope Thanks and Congratulates CentiMark

Women from Girls HopeGirls Hope is thrilled to congratulate Ed Dunlap, Tim Dunlap and the entire CentiMark team on your 50th anniversary! CentiMark has been involved with the Girls Hope program for a dozen years and we could not be more grateful for your support.

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The Impact that the Recent Tariffs Have on Your Roofing Pricing

 Aluminum Roofing Being InstalledDue to the recent tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum, prices will escalate until the United States plants are able to produce the needed supply.

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Patch, Repair and Recoat

Preserved Traffic Deck and Parking LotYour parking lot or parking deck is often the first impression of your business to your customers. Are there cracks, pot holes or areas that are heaving? Did your surfaces sustain any damage from the winter weather or snow removal equipment?

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When, Where and Why Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete FloorWhen choosing a flooring product, the major factors to consider are appearance, environment and usage. So how do you determine if polished concrete is the best option for your business? There are many different answers to this question, however; keep in mind polished concrete is a very durable floor that can handle most environments and withstand high levels of traffic. There are two requirements most environments have that polished concrete is suitable for.

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Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC - A Tribute to CentiMark's 50th

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC SignChildren’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC was founded in the spirit of generosity. It was in June 1890 when the 15-bed Pittsburgh Hospital for Children opened its doors with a promise to serve every child in need “regardless of race, creed or the ability of their parents to pay the cost.”

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Beat the Spring Rush with Your Roofing Project

Spring is Here!Spring is right around the corner and that means peak roofing season. So you might be asking yourself, when is the best time to initiate your roofing project? The answer to that varies based on the size of your project and the backlog of the contractor you are using.

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Congratulations to CentiMark's Bryan Howard, NRCA Roofing MVP

NRCA Roofing MVP Feb 2018 300pxCongratulations to Bryan Howard, Field Supervisor, Apex, NC office, for being CentiMark's NRCA MVP Award Winner! Bryan received the award February 7, 2018 at the annual NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) conference in New Orleans.

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Pat Dunlap - An Inside Look at CentiMark's Beginnings

Tim, Pat and Ed Dunlap of CentiMarkCentiMark’s founder, Ed Dunlap (and my older brother), did a pretty remarkable job with his company, considering where the company started and where it is today. It took a lot of good people over the years (some still here) to build an organization as large and successful as CentiMark.

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QuestMark Associate Receives Award for Contributions to Hurricane Relief

 Tito from QuestMark with his Award Recognition & Appreciation AwardQuestMark’s Segundo “Tito” Rodriquez lives and works in Arizona but has changed the lives of many Puerto Ricans who were and still are devastated by the Hurricane in the fall of 2017. Tito is a Field Supervisor in QuestMark’s Phoenix, AZ office.

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