Roofing Backlogs: What to Do?

roofing backlogs

Post-pandemic supply chain issues are still affecting many sectors and the roofing industry is no different. With a significant shortage of raw material components and other contributing factors, roofing contractors are experiencing high backlogs and will be playing catch up for a long time.

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Keep Your Polished Concrete Floors in Top Shape

concrete floor in a warehouse

Polished concrete is a prevalent flooring option for many industrial and commercial facilities. It is durable, long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. However, it is essential to clean and maintain your floors on a regular basis. Contaminants such as dirt, rainwater, salt and other harsh chemicals may pose slip hazards and diminish the shine. So, how do you clean your polished concrete floors?

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Spring Storm Season: Roof Health Check

umbrella under rain

Spring is officially here and the changing temperatures will bring new weather patterns to most areas of North America. With spring storms ahead and a possible early start of the Atlantic hurricane season1, let's get your roofs prepared for anything and everything Mother Nature has in store.

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CentiMark & QuestMark’s Outstanding Safety Report - Year End 2021

injury free CentiMark offices

At CentiMark, QuestMark and CentiMark Ltd, we take great pride in the safety of our workers. Our goal is for every associate to return home safely to their families every evening. In 2021, 46 of our offices did not have an OSHA recordable injury. Many of those offices have consecutive years of going injury free. Those 46 offices accounted for over 11 million man hours without a recordable incident. 

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Urethane Cement and Resinous Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

urethane coated floor

Urethane cement is an exceptionally durable commercial flooring option and is often used in areas subjected to repeated thermal cycling from hot water wash downs and chemical exposure. This type of flooring also takes safety to a new level with slip resistance and superior protection against bacteria and fungi. It simply looks great and increases your floor system's lifespan.

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Roof and Floor Warranties

construction worker looking to the left

Whether you noticed a roof leak or damage to your commercial floor -- the first thing on your mind is your asset’s warranty. Do you have a warranty? What will it cover? Let's explore the options.

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Commercial Roof Management Programs

a construction worker looking at a laptop

Do you know the state of your roof? Unfortunately, commercial roofs tend to be overlooked until someone notices an active leak. However, being aware of the condition of your roof is critical to keeping leaks at bay, staying compliant with safety and environmental regulations and protecting your products, equipment and overall operations. 

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Roofing Market Conditions: Understanding 2021 and Knowing What to Expect in 2022

man in a construction hat checking out his laptop












Wow what a year 2021 was from a commercial roofing perspective. The industry faced unprecedented challenges yet experienced a growth rate of 15%. As we enter 2022 there are additional issues that need to be resolved. Understanding and navigating an uncertain roofing market leaves many of our customers asking what is next and trying to determine how to react. To better understand the commercial roofing market let’s examine where we are today and how we got here.

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CentiMark Hits $1 Billion in Sales for Commercial Roofing & Flooring

fireworks in the dark sky

Since 1968, when Edward B. Dunlap, now Chairman, established CentiMark, we have grown exponentially with the hard work and dedication of all the associates, strong supply chain partnerships and the commitments from our customers. 

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Let’s talk snow removal

roof snow removal by centimark

The cold weather is here and in some parts of the country snow will soon fall. Snow and ice buildup on your roof may cause multiple issues. Let's explore why rooftop snow removal is something you should consider this winter. 

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Is Your Roof Prepared for Winter?

ready for winter

Let’s do a quick checkup.

The summer heat and storms have passed and the colder temperatures are here. Have you inspected your roof recently? Storm debris, vegetation growth, UV exposure and other factors may have affected your roof over the summer, causing damage you may not even see. However, properly maintaining your roof and making any necessary repairs are essential to get your facility ready for winter. Where to start?

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Can you protect your asphalt and concrete surfaces? The answer is yes.

surface protection winter

How can you protect your traffic areas this winter from the weather elements? The answer lies in asphalt and concrete coatings. 

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Thank You CentiMark & QuestMark Veterans

soldier saluting the flag

In honor of Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2021, we take great pride in honoring CentiMark & QuestMark veterans. We thank all veterans for their service to our country. 

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CentiMark Named #1 Roofing Contractor & #27 Specialty Contractor

CentiMark Headquarters Building

In 2021’s ENR (Engineering News-Record) List of Top 20 Roofing & Top 600 Specialty Contractors in North America.

CANONSBURG, PA -- CentiMark has been named the #1 Roofing Contractor in ENR (Engineering News-Record) magazine online list of Top 20 Roofing Contractors in North America for the 12th consecutive year – based on revenue. CentiMark was also named the #27 Specialty Contractor on the Top 600 list.

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Getting ready for a scheduled plant shutdown?


Time to check the condition of your floors.

This year is zooming by and the holidays are just around the corner. Are you getting ready for your scheduled facility or plant shutdown? Take advantage of this time to address your flooring needs.

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The Impact of Labor and Material Shortages.


Plan ahead and schedule your projects now.

The construction industry is still working to recover from labor and material supply shortages. To date, there has been a 20% increase in material prices compared to 2020and additional increases are projected. As a result, many roofing projects are experiencing extended delays and multiple price increases.

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Are you planning your 2022 budget? Don't forget about your roof!

men on roof2

Out of sight, out of mind, your facility's roof often gets overlooked until someone notices an actual leak. Unfortunately, by that time, the integrity of your building is already compromised. Roof leaks can drastically affect your operations and put your employees at risk. When planning next year's budget, take measures to protect your roof.

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Successful CentiMark Southpointe Golfs for Children’s 2021 Event

centimark golfing event 2021 1

Thanks to all of our golfers, sponsors, donors and volunteers who helped us have a very successful golf event on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at Southpointe Golf Club, Canonsburg. This was the 18th year of CentiMark’s golf event for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation.

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Steve Hecht - Celebrating 50 years at CentiMark on September 27, 2021

Photo Steve Hecht



After 50 years at CentiMark, Steve Hecht has a photographic memory of his years in sales, customers, co-workers, successes and challenges. He remains as energized about his job, as dedicated to his customers and as willing to mentor younger sales representatives as he was 50 years ago. Today, he is the Director of Catholic & Christian Facilities Network Nationwide. He’s a Corporate associate, making his home in Jonesboro, AR.

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Repair and Maintain Your Commercial Floors Like a Pro!

epoxy patch

Forklift traffic, pallet trucks, spills and more - your facility's floor has a lot to deal with on a daily basis. Over time you may notice holes, cracks, uneven joints, stains and other damage. The floor’s condition can drastically affect your operations. Here are the reasons to keep your commercial floors in top shape:

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