Thank You CentiMark & QuestMark Veterans

soldier saluting the flag

In honor of Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2021, we take great pride in honoring CentiMark & QuestMark veterans. We thank all veterans for their service to our country. 

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CentiMark Named #1 Roofing Contractor & #27 Specialty Contractor

CentiMark Headquarters Building

In 2021’s ENR (Engineering News-Record) List of Top 20 Roofing & Top 600 Specialty Contractors in North America.

CANONSBURG, PA -- CentiMark has been named the #1 Roofing Contractor in ENR (Engineering News-Record) magazine online list of Top 20 Roofing Contractors in North America for the 12th consecutive year – based on revenue. CentiMark was also named the #27 Specialty Contractor on the Top 600 list.

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Getting ready for a scheduled plant shutdown?


Time to check the condition of your floors.

This year is zooming by and the holidays are just around the corner. Are you getting ready for your scheduled facility or plant shutdown? Take advantage of this time to address your flooring needs.

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The Impact of Labor and Material Shortages.


Plan ahead and schedule your projects now.

The construction industry is still working to recover from labor and material supply shortages. To date, there has been a 20% increase in material prices compared to 2020and additional increases are projected. As a result, many roofing projects are experiencing extended delays and multiple price increases.

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Are you planning your 2022 budget? Don't forget about your roof!

men on roof2

Out of sight, out of mind, your facility's roof often gets overlooked until someone notices an actual leak. Unfortunately, by that time, the integrity of your building is already compromised. Roof leaks can drastically affect your operations and put your employees at risk. When planning next year's budget, take measures to protect your roof.

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Successful CentiMark Southpointe Golfs for Children’s 2021 Event

centimark golfing event 2021 1

Thanks to all of our golfers, sponsors, donors and volunteers who helped us have a very successful golf event on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at Southpointe Golf Club, Canonsburg. This was the 18th year of CentiMark’s golf event for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation.

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Steve Hecht - Celebrating 50 years at CentiMark on September 27, 2021

Photo Steve Hecht



After 50 years at CentiMark, Steve Hecht has a photographic memory of his years in sales, customers, co-workers, successes and challenges. He remains as energized about his job, as dedicated to his customers and as willing to mentor younger sales representatives as he was 50 years ago. Today, he is the Director of Catholic & Christian Facilities Network Nationwide. He’s a Corporate associate, making his home in Jonesboro, AR.

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Repair and Maintain Your Commercial Floors Like a Pro!

epoxy patch

Forklift traffic, pallet trucks, spills and more - your facility's floor has a lot to deal with on a daily basis. Over time you may notice holes, cracks, uneven joints, stains and other damage. The floor’s condition can drastically affect your operations. Here are the reasons to keep your commercial floors in top shape:

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CentiVision - CentiMark’s New Roof Configuration Tool


centivision by centimark


CentiVision, CentiMark's new roofing configurator was launched at the beginning of July. CentiVision allows our customers to work in unison with the CentiMark sales team to configure an existing roof assembly, show defects, develop a proposed roof assembly and add safety and finishing details to the roof. Both assemblies are viewed by each layer and include the attachment methods for the insulation and membrane.

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CentiMark Named #1 Roofing Contractor In 2021’s Roofing Contractor's List of Top 100 Roofing Contractors in North America.

top contractor list



CANONSBURG, PA -- CentiMark has been named the number one roofing contractor in Roofing Contractor’s online list of Top 100 roofing contractors in North America for the eleventh consecutive year – based on revenue of $813,799,327.00. 

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Commercial Roofs Don't Take Vacations.

roof inspection

Summer-specific aspects of roof maintenance.

Summer is at its peak, with hot sunny days, sparkling pools and the smell of grilling. But your roof is not taking any time off! Now is an excellent opportunity to look at completing any scheduled roofing projects or routine maintenance as summer poses some unique challenges to the integrity of your roof. Hot temperatures, increased humidity and storms are here and your commercial roof needs help to stand up to it. Let's take a look at the most common situations you may face this summer season.

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CentiMark, Ltd. Celebrates 25th Anniversary

bob headshot centimark ltd canada

CANONSBURG, PA -- CentiMark Ltd., the Canadian subsidiary of CentiMark Corporation, celebrates its 25th anniversary on July 1, 2021. CentiMark Ltd. provides commercial roof repairs, reroofing and building envelope services with 11 offices in seven provinces and roofing partnerships in the remaining three provinces. CentiMark Ltd. is under the direction of Robert (Bob) Penney, Executive Vice President and Canadian Group Director. CentiMark Ltd. provides commercial roof repairs, reroofing and building envelope services with 11 offices in seven provinces and roofing partnerships in the remaining three provinces. CentiMark Ltd. also offers concrete flooring repairs, coatings and polished concrete. 

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What does a 3D Virtual Site Assessment mean for the future of your roof inspections?

3D Virtual Site assessment drone in flight

Two words: Soarin’ benefits. Utilizing drones with high definition, infrared, thermal imaging capabilities, CentiMark associates are able to safely obtain an entirely new perspective when inspecting your roof.

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2021 Summer Storm Season

stormy weather ahead sign

From hurricanes to tornadoes and severe thunderstorms, summer is a busy storm season. 

Being prepared for extreme weather is essential to keep your building and business up and running. Your roof is one of the most important defenses your building has against weather. This means having a plan for your roof before and after a storm hits is extremely important.

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CentiMark People - NRCA National Roofing Week

Food Bank East Middle Tennessee Receiving CentiMark donation

As part of NRCA National Roofing Week June 6-12, 2021, we want to feature our CentiMark associates who donated to food banks and donated blood. #CentiMarkCaresintheCommunity #NationalRoofingWeek.

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Roof and Floor Safety

Roof and Floor Safety procedures

The question YOU should be asking: How safe is my roof and floor?

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Safety at CentiMark - Training, Training, Training.

rood contractors looking out

As part of National Roofing Week June 6-12, 2021, we want to feature our safety training programs. Our CentiMark Safety Program is designed to provide a safe workplace with on-going safety training, equipment and knowledgeable safety personnel.

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CentiMark Charity Project: Blood Drive

blood donors at a charity event

As part of CentiMark’s community outreach during National Roofing Week June 6-12, 2021, which include food bank donations nationwide, we are asking CentiMark business associates, friends and family to schedule a blood donation through the end of June. Blood donations are critical to our healthcare systems so we are going to help as many people as we can with our donation drive. 

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CentiMark Roofing MVP’s

Jeff Doll

For National Roofing Week June 6-9, 2021, CentiMark is very proud to showcase our two 2021 NRCA Roofing MVP’s:

Jeffrey Doll, Warehouse Manager, St. Louis, MO - Winner
Rick Stahlman, Warehouse Manager, Richmond, VA - Finalist

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CentiMark Charity Project: Food Drives for Food Security

meals on wheels CentiMark

One of CentiMark’s charity projects during NRCA’s National Roofing Week is food drives and food bank donations across North America to help with food security needs in the 95 communities where CentiMark and CentiMark Ltd associates live and work.

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